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Precast concrete plant (design & realization)

Independent consulting and project management for the industrial production of precast concrete elements

Since more than 20 years, Prilhofer Consulting offers worldwide professional and independent design and consulting regarding industrial production of precast concrete elements for every kind of building.

Your international consultant for precast concrete building systems

Companies worldwide, experienced producers of precast concrete elements and new entrants alike, appreciate our services regarding precast concrete production. Building systems with precast elements require a change of the whole building process compared to traditional building methods with in-situ concrete or other building materials.

» Precast technology is a system not a machine

Our focus in precast consulting

We guide you and your precast project from strategic planning to the implementation and ensure a smooth process until successful completion!

Strategy consulting

We offer custom-made solutions for precast building systems and production technology. From the selection of a suitable system to the creation of a business plan. Due to our impartiality, we provide you with the best fitting technical solution.

» Strategy consultants for precast concrete elements

Project management and coordination

We take care of the overall planning of the precast plant: from specification sheet, to tenders until commissioning. This applies to new production plants, as well as to the expansion of your precast production.

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Our customers worldwide

We operate internationally and manage precast projects in Europe, Asia, America and Africa. Customers value our independence from "production companies". Only this independence provides you with the security of getting the best solution for your project.

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Precast concrete elements - the sustainable building system for every kind of building

Precast concrete elements have excellent sound insulation properties, which reduces the noise pollution for residents significantly without additional costs. Industrial prefabrication decreases costs, ensures a high quality and is sustainable.

Building types made with precast elements

Industrial prefabrication of precast concrete elements makes it possible to realize every type of building earthquake-resistant, sustainable, with a fixed final price and a fixed completion date.

» Examples for building types


Building system = quality and time savings

Industrial production of precast concrete elements guarantees for highest precision and constant quality with short assembly times. Load-bearing walls substitute frame and skeletal constructions, which saves time and costs.

» All advantages at a glance

Eco-friendly & sustainable

Concrete is a natural material and 100% recyclable. Industrial production of precast concrete elements reduces waste and optimizes water and energy consumption. In addition to that, concrete has good thermal capabilities.

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We are personally present in international fairs. You are welcome to make an appointment with us in advance!

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Industrialized construction with precast concrete elements

Think integrated - architecture and urban design, machine and building technology. The precast concrete building system is the solution against the housing shortage worldwide. The way to build any kind of house fast, economically, in excellent quality, anywhere in the world. All types of houses possible - family house, apartment house, high-rise building, villa, affordable housing etc. no limitation in the architecture, earthquake resistant, no maintenance necessary for at least 80 years, sustainable, ecological. Precast is a system. Not a machine.

The world's largest precast plant Morton/ DSK Grad Moscow Region, Russia

New precast plant with an annual precast output that enables the construction of buildings with a total floor space of 525.000 m². Overall Design and coordination by Prilhofer Consulting.