The industrialization of construction

Modern construction with precast concrete elements

The industrialization of construction starts with changing the construction process. Planning and execution phase need to succeed each other in order to build many high-quality buildings in the shortest time possible.

All building types are subject to the same procedures characterizing industrialized construction and can be realized with precast concrete elements.

Fast construction of many high-quality living space
Advantages of precast


Industrialized construction with precast concrete elements offers many advantages. You save time and money, reduce the environmental impact and always achieve the highest quality and precision. The buildings are energy-efficient, need low maintenance and you have great flexibility with regard to design.
Advantages of precast
Affordable housing with precast

Affordable Housing

In order to create affordable housing you need to build cost-efficiently. An important factor is the right planning in order to detect and eliminate error sources in advance. This saves a lot of time and money. Industrialized construction with precast concrete elements means low costs and high-quality buildings.
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Precast technology


For every part of a building, there is a suitable precast concrete element that each requires a different production technology. You can distinguish between stationary production and production in a pallet carousel system. A production plant is designed according to the wishes of the client.
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Precast building types

Building types

With precast concrete elements, any building type can be built. Precast concrete elements are optimally suited for affordable housing, as well as for individual and luxury housing.
Overview of building types


In 1867, Joseph Monier patented several products made of reinforced concrete. Based on these inventions, precast concrete elements and the so-called “house series construction” with solid elements evolved. In the years 1965 to 2005, the “new” industrial precast concrete system was developed.
History of precast concrete
Building system and products

Building systems

A building system forms the basis of a building. It consists of the individual elements like walls, floors and roofs, as well as columns, beams and stairs. At the beginning of the planning stage, it is necessary to determine which building types are to be built in order to choose the most efficient building system.
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