Prilhofer Consulting is an independent consultant and master planner. 

We develop custom-made solutions for the industrialized construction with precast concrete elements as well as with timber. Your success is our goal and the product we offer. Simply buying machines does not necessarily lead to success. There is much more that needs to be considered strategically. Our clients are new entrants as well as experienced producers and real estate developers from around the world. Industrial production means higher efficiency and more profit.

Precast production master planning

Prilhofer Consulting is your partner to start your own industrial production of precast concrete or timber elements. The construction of large amounts of high-quality buildings, no limits in architecture, less staff in the factory and on the building site.

Industrial production means more profit and higher ROI.

The successful implementation of a project for the industrial production of precast concrete building starts with the development of the basics, continues with planning and execution and ends with the start of production in the factory.
Strategic master planning precast concrete production, precast plant

Development of the basicsFeasibility study to factory layout

The development of the basics for the entry into the production of precast concrete elements equates to the base of a building. They provide the basis and stability for the success of your project.
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Machines and plantsSupport for plant purchase

Machine suppliers for precast concrete plants often have differing concepts in the different production areas. We have the technical knowledge to enable you to compare offers regarding technical and economic data.
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Project coordinationImplementation and acceptance

We conduct the overall project coordination, that is to say the organizational and technical coordination between all parties involved in the project. We serve as the main point of contact.
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Initial production supportProduction data & logistics

We support you in the timely execution of the design of the buildings and the implementation of CAD and the corresponding data interfaces. Together, we develop the entire logistics for your production.
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Production optimization, upgrade and modifications

To maintain or increase the efficiency of a precast concrete production, the production can be improved, the plant can be modified or the existing machines can be upgraded. Quite often it is enough to identify the problems and solve them. The same applies to the industrial production of timber elements.

As a longstanding expert in the field of precast concrete production, we guide you to develop efficiently a target-oriented master plan for the improvements on your precast concrete plant. We support you with our expert knowledge honestly and independently. Lower production costs, higher efficiency, less staff in the factory and on the construction site means more profit for you.
Production optimization precast plant: Upgrade and modification

Efficiency increaseOptimizing production and processes

Long-established processes impede progress. We help you analyze these processes and structures and assist you in finding creative solutions with our many years of experience.
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ModernizationPrecast concrete production, technology and products

We at Prilhofer Consulting assist you in modernizing existing precast concrete production plants. This guarantees the constant quality of the products and increases the productivity of the plant.
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Quality optimizationThe way to efficient precast production

The goal is to achieve a permanently high and comprehensive quality in your precast concrete plant. This enables you to benefit from a higher profit, larger volumes of sales and a productivity increase.
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Troubleshooting and assistance

You already run a production plant for precast concrete elements or you purchased one recently, however, you don’t have the required output or you are not 100% satisfied with it.
We would be happy to assist you in getting the production plant that is exactly tailored to your individual needs and are gladly at your disposal in the fields of organization, procedures and building system.
Troubleshooting and assistance for precast plants

Support for new plantsPrompt and targeted assistance

You purchased a new plant for precast concrete elements and would like to use it now. Unfortunately, you face some difficulties at the start or you are not certain how to start production. We gladly support you with our many years of experience.
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Support for existing plantsAchieve your goals

You already have a production plant for precast concrete elements; however, you are not satisfied with its output or its efficiency. Prilhofer Consulting is your partner for analyzing and implementing improvement measures. We help you to save time and money.
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Assessment of external designsImprove your layout

You already have a design or layout of your future production plant, but you are not yet satisfied with it or unsure whether you want to build the plant like this. We analyze and assess your layout and make necessary adjustments.
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Strategic company development

Future planning with Prilhofer Consulting means to develop together with you a strategy for the development of your company. The innovations developed by us bring your clients advantages in the market and increase their competitiveness.

If you would like to know more about industrialized construction, you are welcome to participate in one of our workshops. In addition to that, our experts are at your disposal for presentations about the industrialized construction with precast concrete elements as well as wood/timber elements.
Strategic company development precast concrete production

Future planningStaying competitive

You set the target where you wish to be in the next ten years. We develop together with you the logical steps of development in order to achieve the goal set by you.
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Product developmentSuccess through innovations

We develop innovations that revolutionize the precast concrete product, the production process and the buildings. Such innovations bring our customers advantages in the market and increase their competitiveness.
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Seminars and presentationsBenefit from our knowledge

Our experts are gladly at your disposal when it comes to seminars and presentations about industrialized construction with precast concrete elements. We provide basic and expert knowledge at international events.
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