Guiding the start of your precast concrete production

We support you to produce efficiently and with high quality!

New entrants into the industrialized construction with precast concrete elements face many challenges because getting started in the precast concrete technology needs to be well prepared. Having functioning machines and plants is not enough. The whole organization concerning the production needs to be trained and ready for the start. You are only successful if you are able to provide products to your customers. A functioning plant is only the first step.

Starting the precast production in a carousel system

CAD and production data

An essential point is that completely planned out orders and element plans released for production are available at the start of production. In addition to that, the production data need to be produced in the proper interface for the machines by means of a special CAD system. Prilhofer Consulting facilitates the timely planning of the buildings and supports you in implementing CAD and the corresponding data interfaces.

Logistics and process steps

Prilhofer Consulting develops together with you the entire logistics for your production and makes sure that every process step from planning to the delivery of the precast concrete elements is considered and ready for the start of production.

Efficient production and expert staff

We support you during the start of your production with regular visits and give you useful advice for efficient production and high-quality production of precast concrete elements. We can put you in touch with expert staff from our global network, if required. This reduces the start-up phase and makes you reach the set production goals faster.

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Reference projects

  • INETON Kft.  - carousel system with production islands

    INETON Kft.(Hungary)

    INETON Kft., which emerged from Repet Environmental and Épitö Kft. in the early years of the 2000s as an expert company and general contractor in the field of environmental engineering with significant hydraulic engineering, wastewater treatment, remediation and landfill projects, has subsequently developed into a general contractor for complex construction projects in many different areas. The decision to invest in a modern precast concrete production facility was a logical step.
  • Samsung - Precast concrete hollow core plant South Korea

    Samsung(South Korea)

    In 2011 Samsung C&T Corporation made the decision to strengthen and enlarge the precast production. Factory planning and overall setup of the plant delivered by Prilhofer Consulting. Output and vision for the future add by Samsung C&T together with Prilhofer Consulting.