Development of the basics for your precast project

The basis for successful construction with precast concrete elements

The base of a building determines how long and stable the building will stand. The development of the basics for the entry into the production of precast concrete elements equates with the base of a building. They provide the basis and stability for the success of your project.
During the development of the basics for your precast project, we give you answers to the following questions:

  • You don’t know where to start?
  • How much are the costs and the return on investment?
  • How long will it take until the plant starts running?
  • How must my precast plant be designed for an efficient production?

When we design a production plant today, our entire experience is incorporated into our considerations. We design the plant in such a way that it still may be used effectively in 10 years. This requires a special kind of planning because the products, produced in the factory, evolve during the course of time.

Development of the basics for a precast concrete production

Feasibility Study

If your wish is to build great amounts of high-quality buildings fast and in a cost-efficient way, the solution is precast construction. In order to provide you with a firm basis for your decisions, the first step in such a project is the feasibility study by Prilhofer Consulting.

The first estimations are developed in this study. We will evaluate if this building system is suited for your projects, to what requirements it is bound, we will calculate the investment costs for a plant, the return on investment etc.

A feasibility study by Prilhofer Consulting is a firm basis for your future investment, taking into account all relevant data. It is therefore also the basis for applications for loans as well as for appointments with authorities.

Product development

The product that our customers wish to sell is the focus of our considerations. Without a well-thought-out product, there will be no success.

For real estate developers the building is the product. For precast producers the product is the precast concrete element.

In a market where the precast concrete element is already established, the task is to develop the precast element further, for example the activating of thermal mass of walls and floors or the optimization of the precast element.

For a building, product development means the development and optimization of industrialized construction without limitations. Designing a building that is compatible for precast, means considering every part of it including details of the element connections. Finding the best solution for architecture, structural requirements, production and last but not least assembly of the elements. Time and resources may only be saved if the building is looked at as a whole.

Prilhofer Consulting is the right partner for the development of your product due to our extensive experience gathered over many years.

Investment and profitability calculation

The most important questions for any businessperson are the prospective costs and the point at which the project yields profits. In order to answer these questions, we make an estimation of the investment costs and analyze the profitability. We are always state-of-the-art in terms of technology and costs due to our many successful reference projects. Our profitability calculation is based on real-life figures and covers the whole process from the production to the assembly of the precast elements on site.

Prior to the purchase of machines, you should ask yourself how you can generate profits with precast concrete construction.

Business Plan

For such a project, not only figures are crucial for your success. A business plan defines the goals and summarizes all the gathered facts and data. It gives information about the market situation and how the market entry should be carried out. It summarizes the business concept and includes a risk assessment. This instrument is of particular importance if other people like business partners, banks, investors etc. need to be convinced. Together we develop your business plan to enable you to present your project convincingly and make its implementation easier.

The feasibility study is often part of the business plan.

Personnel planning

As the final step in developing the basics, we prepare the personnel planning.

When entering a new business field, an entire personnel structure needs to be developed. This factor must not be underestimated in the overall time schedule. Finding good and suitable personnel will always be a great challenge. In times of ever-increasing labor costs, efficient labor utilization is an important factor.

Prilhofer Consulting has a wide experience due to their many national and international projects and is therefore qualified to develop your individual personnel structure.

Plant layout

After having developed the overall concept, we create a layout of the plant taking into account the cost objectives and determine which products should be produced there and how. This enables us to decide which machines and plants are needed for your precast plant.

Good material flow and an efficient production can only be achieved by means of custom-made production engineering.

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Reference projects

  • INETON Kft.  - carousel system with production islands

    INETON Kft.(Hungary)

    INETON Kft., which emerged from Repet Environmental and Épitö Kft. in the early years of the 2000s as an expert company and general contractor in the field of environmental engineering with significant hydraulic engineering, wastewater treatment, remediation and landfill projects, has subsequently developed into a general contractor for complex construction projects in many different areas. The decision to invest in a modern precast concrete production facility was a logical step.
  • Birkenmeier Fertigteile GmbH - automatic demolding station

    Birkenmeier Fertigteile GmbH(Germany)

    Birkenmeier Company is one of the major players in the segment of L-Shape Retaining walls and products for garden and landscaping, with the highest aesthetic and quality standards. As part of the necessary relocation of the previous production site, Prilhofer Consulting was commissioned to develop a new highly automated and highly flexible production facility, which would double the previous production capacity while also providing unprecedented flexibility in terms of product dimensions and combinations.
  • Regenold - Highly efficient pallet carousel system


    Regenold is an experienced producer of precast concrete elements and decided to modernize its precast concrete production. Prilhofer Consulting supported Regenold in this project as consultant and master planner. A trouble-free change from the old production plant to the modern pallet carousel system was required in order to minimize production downtimes.
  • AlAbniah - Architectural concrete facade elements in stockyard

    AlAbniah(Saudi Arabia)

    Being the official production start date of Alabniah Precast Concrete Buildings Factory the 1st of January 2010 is a date not only starting a new decade but also a date where the Saudi Arabian precast concrete industry sees the most advanced and largest factory of its kind in the Kingdom starting off.