Industrial construction is advantageous in case of a shortage of qualified personnel

A global challenge for the construction industry

Shortage of qualified personnel and increasing labor costs are among the biggest challenges for the construction industry worldwide. Industrialized construction with precast concrete elements offers some advantages in comparison with traditional construction methods in this case.

Unskilled workers can be employed in the production in the plant, as well as in the assembly of the precast concrete elements on site. Training-on-the-job is sufficient for the workers because the tasks are very limited.



AlAbniah, one of our clients in Saudi Arabia, employs unskilled workers in their precast plant. In the picture above, workers get an introduction to their tasks, a so-called training-on-the-job. This introduction enables the workers to fulfill the assigned tasks on their own.

Reduction of workers due to automation

In addition to that, the number of workers can be reduced significantly in plants with a high degree of automation. In Europe, man hours per square meter have been reduced by more than two thirds because automation has been progressing continuously since the 1980s. This means that only one third of the original number of workers is needed in order to produce the same amount of precast concrete elements. In order to determine the degree of automation, it is necessary to consider the wage level in the country where the precast plant is to be set up. An informed decision can only be made based on this information because a high degree of automation requires a respectively high investment.

Women in precast concrete production

Industrialized construction with unskilled workers

Our client Pruksa from Thailand does not only employ unskilled workers but also many women. This means that if a family has to move due to the job of the husband, also the wife can get a job there regardless of whether she has an education or not. In countries with a low wage level, a precast plant creates many long-term jobs because more workers and fewer automated machines are used there.

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