Safety through the use of precast concrete elements

Fire protection and protection against environmental influences through concrete

Concrete is due to its characteristics a building material optimally suited for buildings which need to provide an especially high protection against environmental influences and great safety.

After having brought the concrete into the desired form, it cures over time and therefore raises its compressive strength. The positive characteristics of concrete buildings increase over time in contrast to buildings made of other building material.

Precast concrete elements are fireproof

Precast concrete buildings provide excellent fire protection without any additional measures because concrete itself is fireproof. Its resistance against fire prevents fires from spreading inside the building and therefore reduces the risk for the inhabitants of the building. Damage in such a building is only minor after a fire compared to buildings made of other building material because precast elements do not burn nor melt. This reduces also costs for repairs.

Concrete provides protection against collisions and other loads

Precast concrete elements are particularly resistant against pressure forces and are therefore suited for fields of application where high pressure forces are at work. They are used for the construction of power stations or other plants with high safety hazards in order to prevent a destruction of the building, i.e. through a plane crash or an earthquake. This is also true for the construction of highways, where protective walls made of precast elements can prevent a breakthrough of vehicles. Bridges that are subject to particularly high loads on a daily basis are also built in concrete.

Safety through the use of precast concrete elements

Fire protection and protection against electromagnetic fields

Precast concrete elements are particularly suited for the construction of substations because they provide protection against all kinds of risks. They fulfill highest requirements for fire and intruder protection and protect against electromagnetic fields. In addition to that, precast concrete elements are weatherproof. That is why the Austrian company Trepka, a standing customer of Prilhofer Consulting, is a reliable supplier for substations made of precast concrete elements.

Protection against explosions through precast concrete elements

The utilization of precast concrete elements for buildings where protection against explosions is necessary, can prevent a destruction of the buildings and maintain the safety of the building.

Naturally for all these applications a good concrete quality and a careful production of the precast concrete elements are required in order to guarantee the safety of the precast elements.

Protection against corrosion and environmental influences

Precast concrete elements are well protected against corrosion, provided that the reinforcement is covered sufficiently with concrete. A minimum concrete cover is required by law in Germany.

In addition to that, precast concrete buildings are particularly well protected against break-ins because precast concrete elements cannot be cut open and are very resistant against impacts. Precast concrete elements are also often used for the construction of prisons because they provide great protection against both break-ins and break-outs.

Termite-resistant construction with concrete

Termite-resistant construction with concrete

In Thailand, there is a great risk for timber houses to be destroyed by termites. In contrast to that, a precast concrete house is protected against this risk and therefore preferred. The Thai company Pruksa provides their customers a real additional benefit with the offer of precast concrete houses. Prilhofer Consulting was the first company to introduce the precast concrete technology in Thailand in 2004 and acted as consultant and master planner for Pruksa's first production plant. Prilhofer Consulting continues to be in close contact with Pruska.

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