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With our innovations, we have already been at the forefront worldwide for decades. 

Since our foundation in 1994, we have been developing concepts for the industrial production of precast concrete elements and buildings in numerous countries around the world.

Our strength is based on finding the best, most cost-efficient and creative solutions for our customers. We have a solution for every problem.

Our innovations are not just visions, but real projects that have set milestones in precast concrete production.

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  • 2023
    Automatic demolding station

    Develop a new highly automated and highly flexible production facility at Birkenmeier Fertigteile GmbH in Germany for precast concrete elements for landscaping, walls, and custom parts.

    INETON - Umlaufanlage mit Fertigungsinseln

    First precast plant in Hungary with automated production line for precast concrete elements (slabs, double walls, solid walls, sandwich walls, columns, etc.) with maximum degree of automation at INETON Kft.

  • 2022
    Engineering Days 2022 Austria

    With the focus on "Precast in the new reality" the Engineering Days 2022 took place again from 29.11. on 30.11.2022 at the Salzburg Congress.  More than 420 experts from the precast concrete industry informed themselves about the current trends in the industry. The program included a total of 21 technical presentations and 20 practice-oriented workshops.

    Beladen der Transportpaletten und Übergabe in den Automatikbereich

    Innovative and novel fully automated centralised reinforcement production and logistics for precast panels and structural precast components at Bremer AG in Paderborn/Germany, with use of existing halls and new building extension.

  • 2021
     Lauter - precast concrete plant in Germany

    New precast plant for Lauter Fertigteile in Bobingen/Germany, with maximum automated plant for precast floor slabs, double and solid walls. Perfectly covered, with automatic shuttering and separate smoothing and processing areas.

  • 2020
    Precast concrete plant in Belgium

    Exceptional production plant concept for work on different working levels and platforms as well as fully automated reinforcement preparation on a higher intermediate level at Kerkstoel 2000+/Belgium.

    Lecture from Mr. Christian Prilhofer - Engineering Days China 2020

    Engineering Days 2020 China - This year the event was held in a mix of live and hybrid event in November 26-27, 2020 in Beijing. 

    According to the guiding theme "High quality, sustainability, digitalization, new building industrialization", an innovative program of lectures was presented by the organizers Liebherr, Prilhofer Consulting, Precast and RIB-SAA together with leading suppliers of precast concrete technology. About 400 participants - top decision makers from the largest companies in the construction industry in China attended the event in Beijing, and another approximately 10,000 people participated online. Learn more

  • 2019
    Logo: Engineering Days

    Engineering Days 2019

    Under the motto "Digitalization for the benefit of the precast industry", Prilhofer Consulting organized the Engineering Days 2019, 26. – 27. November in Salzburg for the first time in a leading role.

    The event at Salzburg Congress exceeded all expectations and was a huge success. More than 500 precast concrete experts from 22 countries informed themselves about the latest trends in the industry.  The program included 22 compact technical presentations, 19 benefit-oriented workshops and plenty of time for networking and professional exchange. Learn more

    25 years of Prilhofer Consulting

    Equipped with some savings, willpower and the vision to support customers around the world with their decisions and promote the development of the precast industry, Christian Prilhofer set up his own business in 1994, thus laying the foundation stone for 25 years of success.

  • 2018
    Christian Prilhofer at the Engineering Days China

    Engineering Days China 2018 inspire with steady growth. From 23rd until 24th November 2018 more than 600 participants met for the second time in Beijing, including top decision-makers from the largest companies of the branch in China, construction companies and real estate developers as well as the biggest manufacturer of building materials. Since its introduction in China in 2016, the organisers Liebherr, Prilhofer Consulting, Precast Software Engineering and RIB SAA Software Engineering have successfully established an important platform for technical cooperation and exchange between China and Europe.

    Gamuda Werk 2 für Meilensteine

    Production plant for solid parts and partly precast elements at GAMUDA (Plant 2) / Malaysia with the highest possible level of automation, designed as an intelligent, paperless factory with SmartScreens at all relevant workstations. 

  • 2016
    Precast Technology America 2016

    On November 29, 2016, Precast Technology America took place in Mexico City for the first time. Managers and CEOS of the largest Mexican construction and precast companies, as well as representatives of important associations and institutes participated at this event.

    Hochautomatisierte Betonfertigteilproduktion

    First palett carousel system for prestressed wall elements with automation at Stubbe's/Canada.

  • 2016
    Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in China

    Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding for the development of a semi-precast system for China with China Institute of Building Standard Design & Research, Beijing Zhong Jian Xie Certification Centre Co., Ltd., Sino-European iBuild Co., Ltd., Ocean Construction International Corporation.

    Engineering Days China 2016

    Organization of the first Engineering Days in China for the promotion of green and sustainable construction methods with industrialized building systems. There were 500 participants at the event, including 150 CEOs of Chinese companies.

  • 2015
    Weltgrößtes Betonfertigteilwerk Morton

    Overall design and coordination of the largest precast concrete plant worldwide for Morton/ DSK Grad, Moscow region, Russia (production of 525.000 m² of living space per year).

  • 2013
    Automated production plant (VST)

    First automatic production line for double walls made of cement-bonded particleboard for VST Co./Slowakia. 

  • 2012
    Samsung Hohldielen-Werk

    Precast factory for hollow-core slabs and hollow-core wall panels for Samsung C&T in Chungju-Si, South Korea.

  • 2009
    Affordable housing with Casas Geo

    Planning and overall coordination of an automated precast factory for the production of low-cost housing - 40 units per day for Casas Geo in Mexico.

  • 2006
    Umlaufanlage AlAbniah

    Planning and overall coordination of an automated state-of-the-art precast plant - the first CAD/CAM-controlled precast plant in Saudi Arabia for AlAbniah.

  • 2004
    Villa by Pruksa

    Planning and overall coordination of a plant producing 110,000 m² of solid walls per month for the construction of villas / detached houses for Pruksa in Bangkok/Thailand.

  • 2001
    Development of a small pallet carousel plant

    Development of a small plant with 3 variants

    This plant has hourly values which are comparable to those of a large-scale installation. Investment costs are in relation to the plant's output and also comparable to those of the most productive plants.

    Erste Umlaufanlage mit Schalungsroboter (Kemmler)

    First pallet carousel system with shuttering robot for solid parts for Kemmler Co. in Tübingen-Hirschau/Germany.

  • 1999
    Precast concrete plant Kerkstoel

    Plant for the production of solid walls and special elements. For the first time, separation of processing and transfer layers. First fully flexible concept with a high degree of automation.

    Bürogebäude Prilhofer Consulting Wien

    Establishment of the second office in Austria.

    Can now be found at:

    Heinestr. 36 ∙ 1020 Vienna ∙ Austria

  • Ende der 1990er Jahre
    Production island with central transfer table, automation and control technology (Trepka)

    Plant with production islands, automated pallet supply by means of central transfer platform and control technology at Trepka/Austria.

    Zentralschiebebühne mit Automatisierung und Leittechnik (Mischek)

    Central transfer platform with automation and control technology at Mischek/Austria.

  • 1994
    Office building Prilhofer Consulting

    Foundation of the first office in Germany by Christian Prilhofer