• Precast plant with mixing plant
  • Expanding a precast production in Canada
  • Highly efficient and modern pallet carousel system
  • Highly automated precast concrete production
  • Finishing of wall elements

Stubbe’s is a successful producer of precast concrete elements since many years. In recent years, they took an expansion of their production into consideration in order to expand their lines of business and to be even more successful. They already owned two production lines for precast with stationary lanes.

The idea behind the project was the introduction of an additional production line with a pallet carousel system in order to increase the production output, the flexibility in production as well as its efficiency. In addition to that, a specifically designed area next to the pallet carousel system offers better possibilities for the finishing of precast concrete elements than the production on stationary lanes. The finishing is particularly important for Stubbe’s because they produce façade elements. For this kind of product, a nice and flawless surface is a crucial sign of quality.

Production started in the middle of the year 2016. The new pallet carousel system produces solid walls, sandwich walls, balconies and façade elements. A specialty at Stubbe’s is that they produce all these products also pre-stressed.

The size of the facility is 18.500 m² and the production output is 120m² per hour.

Stubbe’s thought about expanding their production of precast concrete elements. They needed the support of an experienced consultant in order to channel their ideas and develop them in a focused way. The aim was to develop a successful concept that complements the existing production in an optimal way and to create a strategy for the long-term planning and development of the company.

Stubbe’s was founded in 1982 in Ontario, Canada by Herb Stubbe and the family owns the company since that time. Currently Andy Stubbe manages the company in the third generation.

Stubbe’s provides integrated services for its customers in the field of concrete construction for agricultural, commercial and residential purposes. The operations of the company are divided into three entities: the production of precast concrete elements, the production of ready mix concrete and the sale of bunk cement powder. The aim of the company is to provide one-stop solutions for its customers.


  • Solid walls (also pre-stressed)
  • Sandwich walls (also pre-stressed)
  • Balconies (also pre-stressed)
  • Facade elements (also pre-stressed)

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