Seminars & presentations about industrialized construction

The favorable entry into the precast concrete technology or timber element building system 

If you would like to know more about industrialized construction, you are welcome to participate in one of our workshops in order to expand your knowledge about the precast building system or timber building system and the precast concrete technology or timber element production.
The basics, conveyed in this workshop, can help you later when you wish to carry out a project for setting up a production of precast concrete elements.

Presentation C. Prilhofer

Basic workshop on construction with precast concrete elements

In this seminar, Prilhofer Consulting teaches you the basics for the introduction of the precast building system.

The following aspects are covered in the workshop:

  • Architecture and history of precast concrete elements
  • Overview of precast building systems
  • Production methods
  • Workflows in the technical office, administration and production
  • Logistics on site
  • Assembly of precast concrete elements on site

Workshop for the launch of your precast concrete project

In addition to that, we offer a workshop where we show you the best way to enter industrialized construction. Together we choose a suitable technology for your specific project. In this workshop, we develop the basics for the precast concrete plant and the building system. The goal of the workshop it to choose the most suitable production method and the best precast system for your housing project.

The following aspects are developed:

  • Amounts and types of precast concrete elements that are produced per day and year
  • Proposal for the production technology (plant)
  • Project phases and time schedule for the plant and the entire implementation process
  • Estimation of the investment for machines and the production building

If you also need expert knowledge in the field of urban planning, architecture and structural analysis for precast concrete elements, we can also recommend experts in this field.

You may also book one of our experts for a presentation about industrialized construction with precast concrete elements. Please send us your informal inquiry.

Presentations from our precast concrete experts

  • Markus Obinger/ Head of Engineering at Prilhofer Consulting: "How to maintain Quality in the Precast Concrete Industry" (Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology), October 2014
  • Christian Prilhofer/ CEO at Prilhofer Consulting: "Industrialized Building Systems – Status Quo, Best Practice and Implementation options for Afric " (African Construction and Totally Concrete Expo), May 2016
  • Christian Prilhofer/ CEO at Prilhofer Consulting: "50 years’ experience with Precast Systems in Europe and Application Proposals for China" (China Real Estate High Level Forum), June 2016

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Reference projects

  • Stubbe's - Finishing of wall elements


    Stubbe’s thought about expanding their production of precast concrete elements. They needed the support of an experienced consultant in order to channel their ideas and develop them in a focused way. The aim was to develop a successful concept that complements the existing production in an optimal way and to create a strategy for the long-term planning and development of the company.
  • Pruksa - Housing complex with precast concrete elements


    In autumn 2003, initial contacts of German companies to Preuksa Real Estate in Bangkok were made. Preuksa clearly defined its objective: the establishment of a new precast plant for the production of wall elements as early as possible, a plant that would not only top production in Thailand itself, but on a worldwide basis to make the company second to none as a producer of top quality prefabricated elements.