Conferences on the topic precast concrete elements

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We attend international conferences about the precast concrete technology and organize conferences ourselves.

As attendants and lecturers, we are participating in well-known exhibitions about concrete and precast concrete elements. We are gladly at your disposal if you would like to contact us personally and provide help and advice.

Our experts in the field of precast concrete technology are also very much sought after for presentations at national and international conferences. They contribute to these events with their extensive knowledge and informative hands-on presentations.

In addition to that, we are organizing different conferences ourselves on the topic of precast concrete technology. The contents of the respective event are exactly matched to the needs and the level of knowledge of the participants. With our decades of experience from many former projects conducted all over the world, we are able to teach newcomers to this technology the basics as well as present current innovations and developments to experienced precast producers.

You can meet us at the following conferences and events.

Participants and organizers of international precast conferences

Our exhibition participations

Here you will find an overview of our exhibition participations.

We look forward to welcoming you at our booth.
ICCX Western Europe 2021- International concrete conference and exhibition

ICCX Western Europe 2021

Date: November, 03-04,2021
Place: Bonn, Germany
Booth: No. 79

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Engineering Days 2022 - Talking about technology for the precast concrete industry

Engineering Days 2022

Date: December, 13-14,2022
Place: Salzburg, Austria

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