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Independent consulting and project management for the industrial production of precast concrete elements

Since more than 20 years, Prilhofer Consulting offers worldwide professional and independent design and consulting regarding industrial production of precast concrete elements for every kind of building.

Your international consultant for precast concrete building systems

Companies worldwide, experienced producers of precast concrete elements and new entrants alike, appreciate our services regarding precast concrete production. Building systems with precast elements require a change of the whole building process compared to traditional building methods with in-situ concrete or other building materials.

Precast technology is a system not a machine


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International concrete conference ICCX St. Petersburg

ICCX St. Petersburg 2016

Date: 06.12. - 08.12.2016
Place: St. Petersburg
Booth: No. 5
Ulmer Betontage - concrete solutions

Ulmer Betontage 2017

Date: 14.02. - 16.02.2017
Place: Ulm
Booth: No. 5
BIBM precast congress 2017

BIBM Congress 2017

Date: 17.05. - 19.05.2017
Place: Madrid
Booth: No. 81

Experience in precast since 1994

Prilhofer Consulting is an independent consultant and master planner. We develop custom-made solutions for the industrialized construction with precast concrete elements. Your success is our goal and the product we offer. Simply buying machines does not necessarily lead to success.
Our clients are new entrants, as well as experienced precast producers and real estate developers from all around the world.

Individual consulting by the precast experts
Services overview

International references & projects

Precast companies worldwide place their confidence in us since many years.
Learn more about our projects now!

Morton - Largest precast plant worldwide in Russia (Morton)

Morton (Russia)

The Morton Group is one of the three largest property developers in Russia and number 1 in the Moscow region. It actively promotes the modern property market in Russia. By the time it was commissioned this factory was the largest and most modern production plant for precast concrete elements in the world.
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Prilhofer Consulting - worldwide at your service
Morton - Precast concrete hollow core plant South Korea

Samsung (South Korea)

In 2011 Samsung C&T Corporation made the decision to strengthen and enlarge the precast production. Factory planning and overall setup of the plant delivered by Prilhofer Consulting. Output and vision for the future add by Samsung C&T together with Prilhofer Consulting.
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Morton - Earthquake-resistant construction with precast concrete elements

Casas Geo (Mexico)

In 2010 Casas Geo was building 50.000 units per year in the traditional brick and cast in situ system. Casas Geo wanted to double the number of houses to 100.000 units per year until 2015. To achieve this goal Casas Geo decided to use the precast system. Prilhofer Consulting was the master planner of the new precast production plant.
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Morton - Precast concrete plant in England

Laing O'Rourke (United Kingdom)

In March 2010 Laing O'Rourke opened Explore Industrial Park, a state-of-the-art new precast factory in the East Midlands, built to strengthen the company’s offsite manufacturing capabilities and to support its construction projects across the UK.
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Morton - Affordable housing with precast concrete elements

Mischek (Austria)

Company Mischek produces precast concrete elements since more than 30 years and intended to build a new plant for semi-precast concrete elements. For the construction of a new hall between two existing halls, it was important to develop a layout that combined efficiency and cost effectiveness of the production facility with constraints of the building stock. Prilhofer Consulting already designed and implemented 2 plants for company Mischek.
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Morton - Housing complex with precast concrete elements

Pruksa (Thailand)

In autumn 2003, initial contacts of German companies to Preuksa Real Estate in Bangkok were made. Preuksa clearly defined its objective: the establishment of a new precast plant for the production of wall elements as early as possible, a plant that would not only top production in Thailand itself, but on a worldwide basis to make the company second to none as a producer of top quality prefabricated elements.
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The world's largest precast plant in Russia


Industrialized construction offers many advantages. Precast concrete elements have excellent sound insulation properties, which reduces the noise pollution for residents significantly without additional costs. Industrial prefabrication decreases costs, ensures a high quality and is sustainable. In addition to that, precast construction is environmentally friendly. Learn more now about the benefits of industrialized construction with precast concrete elements!

  • Eco friendliness - Seestadt Vienna: Sustainable construction with precast concrete elements

    Eco friendliness

    The precast construction method saves energy, water and building material. Learn more now about the eco-friendliness of concrete and why the precast building system is among the most sustainable construction methods!
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  • Low-impact construction - Time-saving installation of a high-rise building made of precast concrete elements

    Low-impact construction

    Noise and dust pollution on conventional large construction sites is enormous. All the elements for a precast concrete building site are prefabricated in a factory. And there are other fascinating aspects – read more!
    Learn more now
  • Earthquake resistance - Earthquake-resistant construction with precast concrete elements in Mexico

    Earthquake resistance

    The choice of building materials plays an important role in areas with a seismic risk. The precast concrete building system is an earthquake-resistant alternative. But why are precast elements so earthquake-resistant?
    Learn more now
  • Quality and precision - Architectural concrete decorated facade facade element

    Quality and precision

    The industrial production of precast concrete elements in a factory ensures highest precision and constant quality. Moreover, errors during the production process are minimized. We have summarized further advantages here for you!
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  • Untrained personnel - Training-on-the-job

    Untrained personnel

    Unskilled workers can be employed in the production in the plant, as well as in the assembly of the precast concrete elements on site. Training-on-the-job is sufficient for the workers because the tasks are very limited.
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From the first idea to the production of the precast concrete elements

The precast concrete network

With our partners from GERICON we can offer you the architecture of the buildings, urban planning, the master planning of the precast concrete production – the complete know-how which will guide you to the industrial production of buildings successfully.