• Precast pallet carousel system
  • Precast concrete construction site
  • Apartment buildings made with precast
  • Affordable housing made with precast
  • Esthetically appealing housing made with precast

Mischek Systembau GmbH already operates two pallet circulation plants, built in 1970 and 1996. Both circulating plants produce solid walls and ceilings. The main area of use for these concrete elements is the construction of multi-story residential buildings in Vienna.

Strabag, as the parent company of Mischek Systembau GmbH and also the largest general contractor in the building sector, had decided to expand the product range in the field of precast elements and to erect a production plant for semi-finished products at their Gerasdorf site in Austria.

Prilhofer Consulting from Germany was commissioned with the conception and accompanying coordination of the plant technology. The planning and construction of the production hall were carried out by Strabag’s own subsidiaries. This made it possible to complete the project in just 11 months from the issuing of plant orders to the start of production.

The plant was housed in a newly-erected twin-aisle hall next to the existing building complex. It was possible to install the demolding area in an empty hall that had previously housed a mesh-welding plant. The investment costs for the buildings were therefore also lowered.

Mischek has been producing precast concrete elements for more than 30 years and intended to build a new plant for semi-precast concrete elements. For the construction of a new hall between two existing halls, it was important to develop a layout that combined efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the production facility with constraints of the building stock. Prilhofer Consulting had already designed and implemented 2 plants for company Mischek.

Mischek Group, which also includes Mischek Systembau GmbH, can look back on many years of tradition: since its begininngs in 1946, the company has developed from a building company into a building services provider and property developer for both partners and end customers. In addition to acting as a general contractor, Mischek also operates in the fields of project development, planning and project management.