Corporate philosophy of Prilhofer Consulting

Honest, professional & independent

Prilhofer logo made with precast concrete

As independent experts in the field of industrial production of precast concrete elements, we work according to clearly defined business values:


Qualified consulting is an important instrument for developing, maintaining and improving performance and competitiveness of companies of all sizes. A company benefits from the expertise and experience of an independent external consultant and thus buys itself time.


A good solution must impress with its simplicity and clarity rather than with a conglomeration of complex technical equipment. Technology must support rather than dominate the staff. We thoroughly think through and question every area to the benefit of our customers.


Prilhofer Consulting is independent and solely committed to the customer to find the ideal solution. To come up with the best possible result for each individual customer's needs - independent of any existing technical solutions already implemented.


Clear division of work responsibilities between the participating partners is vitally important in order to better define each partner's responsibility. That is why our company's philosophy includes creating such structures before the project has started. In this way the responsibilities are clearly defined and the risks involved are minimized for each partner in advance.


We keep an eye on the project's feasibility as its most important criteria, even in rough drafts and preliminary considerations. This applies especially to the technical feasibility of a project as well as the appropriateness of the investment costs.


From time to time in the course of a project gaps may occur due to the high degree of specialization of each individual mechanical engineering company, as a result of the different scope of the sub-contractors' work. In order to guarantee the technical feasibility and to keep investment costs within the established parameters, it is important to identify these grey areas before setting up tenders, i.e. before the work is carried out and to bridge these gaps by indicating in our manuals precise and clearly defined specifications.


Pre-thinking as a roadmap into the future – the best ideas for our clients. We have ideas and solutions from many previous projects, conducted worldwide, in every climatic zone and thus develop the path to your future. Because today's decisions have an impact on your business over the next 10 to 20 years.


We measure the success of our business and our projects by the success of our clients. We are only successful if our clients are successful. For that purpose, it is important that our clients are absolutely honest with us. This is the only way for us to advise our clients to the best of our knowledge and belief. If we are not convinced of an idea, we advise our clients against it because your success is our concern. We only propose solutions that we are convinced of and that match our beliefs. Some would call this honesty.


As independent consultants, we are not bound to predetermined solutions. Instead, we focus on finding the best solution for our clients, combining ideas and solutions possibly also from other industries and think outside the box in order to meet your requirements and fulfill your wishes. Prilhofer Consulting is the equivalent of creativity.