Future planning for your precast concrete plant

Stay competitive in the long run with Prilhofer Consulting

Future planning with Prilhofer Consulting means to develop together with you a development strategy for your company or one of your company's locations.

You set the target where you wish to be in the next ten years. With this information, we develop logical steps of development in order to achieve your goal in the given space of time. It is of particular importance to determine in which sequences the implementation of the steps should take place. A phased approach is crucial if the day-to-day operation is not to be interrupted during the implementation.

Future planning is a long-term and elaborate measure that leads your company safely into the future.

Precast consulting, future planning

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Reference projects

  • INETON Kft.  - carousel system with production islands

    INETON Kft.(Hungary)

    INETON Kft., which emerged from Repet Environmental and Épitö Kft. in the early years of the 2000s as an expert company and general contractor in the field of environmental engineering with significant hydraulic engineering, wastewater treatment, remediation and landfill projects, has subsequently developed into a general contractor for complex construction projects in many different areas. The decision to invest in a modern precast concrete production facility was a logical step.
  • Birkenmeier Fertigteile GmbH - automatic demolding station

    Birkenmeier Fertigteile GmbH(Germany)

    Birkenmeier Company is one of the major players in the segment of L-Shape Retaining walls and products for garden and landscaping, with the highest aesthetic and quality standards. As part of the necessary relocation of the previous production site, Prilhofer Consulting was commissioned to develop a new highly automated and highly flexible production facility, which would double the previous production capacity while also providing unprecedented flexibility in terms of product dimensions and combinations.
  • Goldbeck - Wall elements with windows in the stockyard


    To increase performance in the field of precast concrete elements, Goldbeck invested into a new facility in Hamm in 2009, which was expanded in 2011. With their new precast facility in Hamm, Goldbeck has taken a pioneering step and achieved a significant increase in production capacity of high-quality precast.
  • Nägelebau - Precast production for special elements


    Special components, as manufactured to order by Nägelebau, demand a great deal of manual activity in setting up their formwork because of their individual shapes. The consequence is that long periods are often needed where the pallets stand still until any number of individual operations can be carried out. This means that other stations, such as the concreting bay for example, are not running at capacity and that longer downtimes can occur there. A plant concept with three levels was developed with the aim of avoiding this problem and creating an efficient production line.