• Precast concrete production for special elements
  • Pallet carousel system for special elements
  • Precast production on three levels
  • Facade element made with precast concrete (Nägelebau)

Their full range of precast products is very large today. Design-engineered, large-sized prestressed precast components with astounding dimensions, floor slabs, frame-supported and ribbed slabs, facade elements in various colours and surface finishes, numerous special components such as concrete driven piles, as well as precast elements for constructing stadiums, plus still more products, all are to be found amongst the precast on offer from Nägelebau. The company also provides a comprehensive assortment of concrete products for gardening and landscaping. Concrete paving blocks, concrete slabs, palisades, gutters and retaining walls can be named as examples here. With a view to further expanding its special component segment and making it more economically efficient, a new pallet circulation system, which must surely be the only one of its kind in the entire world, was commissioned for operations in 2010.

Special components, as manufactured to order by Nägelebau, demand a great deal of manual activity in setting up their formwork because of their individual shapes. The consequence is that long periods are often needed where the pallets stand still until all of the individual operations are completed. This means that other stations, like the concreting bay for example, are not running at capacity and that longer downtimes can occur there.

A plant concept with three levels has been developed with the aim of avoiding this problem and creating an efficient production line. In this system, pallets are prepared at seven processing stations where all the work necessary before concreting is carried out. This system also enables the pallets to “overtake” each other. This way, “traffic jams” can be avoided and continuous production is made possible.

The pallets can be introduced into the circulation system independently of each other at all stations. This is made possible by an ingenious transport system in the basement located 3.00 m below the working level. At this transport level, an elevating platform takes charge of conveying the pallets. This carriage lifts empty or partially processed pallets to the appropriate station, lowers them again once that particular work has been completed and then transports the pallets entirely automatically to the next station. This means that pallets at the transport level can overtake other pallets at the working level.

Nägelebau has been producing precast concrete elements for more than 30 years. They needed a partner for the development of the layout and for the tender and contract negotiations with machine suppliers for the construction of a flexible automated carousel system.

Nägelebau GmbH from Röthis in Voralberg, Austria, is one of the major companies in the region and is active on a wide business front. Its core businesses include raw material extraction, structural and civil engineering, and the production of precast concrete components. The company started precasting in the 1960s and, during the course of time, this field of activity has developed into the strongest area for Nägelebau GmbH.

Nägelebau GmbH can look back on a 150-year tradition as a family-run business that started out as a building company in structural engineering. This was followed by its first activities in other civil engineering and road construction projects. Nägelebau has continued its development up to the present date to become a diversified company with a staff of more than 400 in the construction sector. About 100 of these employees are occupied with manufacturing precast concrete components. These are produced solely at their site in Röthis. The customers of this largest manufacturer of precast components in Vorarlberg are to be found mainly in Austria, Switzerland and Southern Germany. Approximately 80% of the components produced are installed on its own construction sites. The remaining elements are produced and supplied according to customer specifications.