Support in purchasing precast concrete plants

From final layout to successful machine purchase

Suppliers of machines and plants for precast concrete factories often have partially differentiating concepts in areas, like concrete spreaders, construction of robots and reinforcement production. We have the technical expertise to enable you to compare offers with regard to technical and economic data.

Support in purchasing precast concrete plants

Step 1: Completing the factory layout

The layout developed in the feasibility study is refined and specified in order to serve as a basis for the request for proposal. The layout determines the output and efficiency of the factory. Therefore, it is important to provide all the suppliers of machines and plants with the same customer approved basis. This is the only way to benefit from all the advantages of the precast concrete building method.

Step 2: Specifying the tender documents

Our specification sheet is necessary in order to define clear guidelines for machine suppliers and receive comparable quotations. Only on this basis is a conclusive comparison of suppliers with regard to prices and performance possible.

Step 3: Coordinating tenders

Together we choose suitable companies for your project and send the prepared tender documents to the selected companies. We clarify possible issues with suppliers. Due to our many years of experience, we know all the important suppliers of machines and plants.

Step 4: Assessing incoming offers

Incoming quotations are checked for completeness and possible updates are requested. We prepare a price overview for all machines and plants to enable you to decide fast and based on facts.

Step 5: Consulting at contract negotiations

Due to our many years of experience gathered carrying out numerous projects, we have the knowledge to provide optimal support in contract negotiations. We prepare a contract draft for your negotiations with the contractor.

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