• Carousel system with production islands
  • Mesh welding plant
  • Prestressed concrete hall
  • Shuttering and demoulding robots precast floor slab plant
  • Concrete spread and bucket conveyor system

Prilhofer Consulting developed a concept for the new precast plant that perfectly covers INETON's broad positioning for residential and commercial construction projects as well as for industrial construction.

Maximum automation counteracts the increasing shortage of skilled workers in Hungary as well. 

As an innovation-driven company, INETON has also made complete process consistency a prerequisite, from the initial project design to the element and building services planning in the BIM model to the completion of the objects. 

The result is a new precast plant with two pallet carousel systems, specialized in slab and wall element production, supplied by a central reinforcement plant with automatic mesh and lattice girder production and a directly connected mixing plant. Prestressing lines for trusses, beams, and girders as well as column and stair formwork complete the production spectrum in the five-bay production hall. With the completion and start-up of all plant units, INETON is now ideally positioned to implement the goals set for the Hungarian construction sector.

For INETON, as a newcomer to the production of precast concrete elements, it was essential to obtain competent and independent advice for the planning and implementation of the new factory. 

A well-founded conceptual elaboration of the plant concept combined with a reliable investment cost estimate for the entire project and profitability calculation with different development scenarios of market volume, product prices, and cost structures was the prerequisite for INETON to get the green light from the financing provider for the investment, to secure the financing and to start the next project phase. 

Independent expertise in the process of tendering, awarding, and project management was equally essential for INETON for a milestone project of this magnitude.

INETON Kft., based in Budapest, Hungary, has built and commissioned a new highly automated precast plant in the south of Budapest in the village of Alsónémedi. INETON Kft., which emerged from Repet Environmental and Épitö Kft. in the early 2000s as an expert company and general contractor in the field of environmental engineering with significant hydraulic engineering, wastewater treatment, remediation, and landfill projects, has subsequently developed into a general contractor for complex construction projects in many fields. 


  • Slabs
  • Double walls (also with insulation)
  • Solid walls
  • Sandwich elements
  • Columns
  • Beams and girders
  • Prestressed concrete girders
  • Stairs

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We use Youtube as a third party to display videos. Please accept " Youtube Videos " to watch this video.