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Since 1994, Prilhofer Consulting offers independent consulting and design services regarding industrial production of precast concrete elements for every kind of building worldwide.

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Companies worldwide, experienced producers of precast concrete elements and new entrants alike, appreciate our services regarding precast concrete production.

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Elsäßer Germany

Elsäßer wanted to get the best solution for the mixing plant, independent of manufacturers, and therefore needed an independent consultant. The mixing plant had to be fitted to the existing halls. After the solution was developed, tenders were invited for the plant and an order was placed. Prilhofer Consulting also provided support during execution.

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Stubbe's Canada

Stubbe’s thought about expanding their production of precast concrete elements. They needed the support of an experienced consultant in order to channel their ideas and develop them in a focused way. The aim was to develop a successful concept that complements the existing production in an optimal way and to create a strategy for the long-term planning and development of the company.

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Regenold Germany

Regenold is an experienced producer of precast concrete elements and decided to modernize its precast concrete production. Prilhofer Consulting supported Regenold in this project as consultant and master planner. A trouble-free change from the old production plant to the modern pallet carousel system was required in order to minimize production downtimes.

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Gamuda Malaysia

Gamuda, as one of the most important real estate developer in Malaysia and new entrant into the field of industrialized construction, wanted to have a master planner and partner for the project management. Their aim was to save time and money and get an optimum quality by cooperating with a consultant.

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Zapf Germany

Zapf decided to collaborate with Prilhofer Consulting on the expansion of their garage production plant in Dülmen. They aimed at covering “grey areas” and all the interfaces of the project. In addition to that, costs should be decreased and planning should be optimized by specifying and clearly defining the project. Moreover, we were responsible for the crosschecking and control of the time schedule in order to avoid delays in the project.

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Kle-Rause China

Prilhofer Consulting was able to convince Kle-Rause with their experience in special structures (especially mixing plants). In particular a material with minimum tolerances requires a seamless definition of interfaces and a seamless implementation which are important for the quality of the final product. Due to the overall planning and monitoring, an early and satisfying acceptance could be achieved.

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Morton Russia

The Morton Group is one of the three largest property developers in Russia and number 1 in the Moscow region. It actively promotes the modern property market in Russia. By the time it was commissioned this factory was the largest and most modern production plant for precast concrete elements in the world.

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Habau Austria

Habau operates one of Austria’s most efficient precast plants in Perg, Upper Austria, producing large-sized precast concrete elements. In recent years the company began to consider modernising the existing production. In co-operation with the Prilhofer planning office, a plant concept was developed that has slotted optimally into the existing works structure.

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Drössler Germany

Since 80 years, the company group Drössler is specialized in the areas of structural precast construction, container construction and concrete technology for environment and renewable energy: from the initial planning of the construction to the production in its own precast plant and finally installation on site. About 180 employees guarantee at each stage of the construction project highest quality to the last detail.

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Innbau Germany

Prilhofer Consulting was commissioned to plan the new double wall plant at the Mettenheim site – and for a good reason, too: when the plant for the production of filigree slabs was completely re-planned in 1996, it was also Prilhofer Consulting who, during the planning, foresightedly positioned and dimensioned the mixing plant in such a way that the new double wall plant can today be supplied with concrete from the same mixing plant without this leading to production bottlenecks for either of the works.

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Samsung South Korea

In 2011 Samsung C&T Corporation made the decision to strengthen and enlarge the precast production. Factory planning and overall setup of the plant delivered by Prilhofer Consulting. Output and vision for the future add by Samsung C&T together with Prilhofer Consulting.

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Goldbeck Germany

To increase performance in the field of precast concrete elements, Goldbeck invested into a new facility in Hamm in 2009, which was expanded in 2011. With their new precast facility in Hamm, Goldbeck has taken a pioneering step and achieved a significant increase in production capacity of high-quality precast.

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Nägelebau Austria

Special components, as manufactured to order by Nägelebau, demand a great deal of manual activity in setting up their formwork because of their individual shapes. The consequence is that long periods are often needed where the pallets stand still until any number of individual operations can be carried out. This means that other stations, such as the concreting bay for example, are not running at capacity and that longer downtimes can occur there. A plant concept with three levels was developed with the aim of avoiding this problem and creating an efficient production line.

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Wochner Germany

One of the most modern precast plants in Germany was put into operation at the start of 2011 at FBW (Fertigbau Wochner). The plant is considered a trend-setter for the flexible production of solid and sandwich elements with regard to machines and efficiency.

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Casas Geo

Casas Geo Mexico

In 2010 Casas Geo was building 50.000 units per year in the traditional brick and cast in situ system. Casas Geo wanted to double the number of houses to 100.000 units per year until 2015. To achieve this goal Casas Geo decided to use the precast system. Prilhofer Consulting was the master planner of the new precast production plant.

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Laing O'Rourke

Laing O'Rourke United Kingdom

In March 2010 Laing O'Rourke opened Explore Industrial Park, a state-of-the-art new precast factory in the East Midlands, built to strengthen the company’s offsite manufacturing capabilities and to support its construction projects across the UK.

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Skandinaviska Byggelement AB

Skandinaviska Byggelement AB Sweden

In 2008 the existing plant was expanded with a production plant for slabs. Due to the successful collaboration with Prilhofer Consulting at the project in 2003, Prilhofer Consulting was contacted again and designed the new factory layout, as well as supported company SBE in the awarding of contracts and the realization of the project.
2008 & 2003

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AlAbniah Saudi Arabia

Being the official production start date of Alabniah Precast Concrete Buildings Factory the 1st of January 2010 is a date not only starting a new decade but also a date where the Saudi Arabian precast concrete industry sees the most advanced and largest factory of its kind in the Kingdom starting off.

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Mischek Austria

Company Mischek produces precast concrete elements since more than 30 years and intended to build a new plant for semi-precast concrete elements. For the construction of a new hall between two existing halls, it was important to develop a layout that combined efficiency and cost effectiveness of the production facility with constraints of the building stock. Prilhofer Consulting already designed and implemented 2 plants for company Mischek.

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Rudolph Germany

At the end of March 2007, a new circulation system for large-scale products was put into operation. The circulation system was designed and coordinated by Christian Prilhofer Consulting. The pallet circulation system has been designed to accommodate double and solid walls.

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Skanska Sweden

A general renewal of the Skanska factory in Strängnäs was done which includes a new pallet circuit and the modernization of the existing production plant. The possibilities of including the pallet circuit in the existing facilities and a new factory building was checked. The decision was made to build a new building for the pallet circuit system and to use the existing building for upgrading the production of reinforcement, special products like facades and pre stressed parts.

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Mammut United Arab Emirates

Construction of a precast plant was started for Mammut Technocrete in Dubai at the beginning of 2005 after comprehensive planning. The factory has three production lines: a semi-automatic circulation system, a special production line fitted with conventional tilting tables and a fully automatic pallet circulation system, which is in a league of it’s own when it comes to size and degree of automation. The overall plant concept was developed and worked out by Christian Prilhofer Consulting in Freilassing.

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Pruksa Thailand

In autumn 2003, initial contacts of German companies to Preuksa Real Estate in Bangkok were made. Preuksa clearly defined its objective: the establishment of a new precast plant for the production of wall elements as early as possible, a plant that would not only top production in Thailand itself, but on a worldwide basis to make the company second to none as a producer of top quality prefabricated elements.

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Alcrete Ireland

The new precast plant is based on a 13-acre site in Arthurstown, Kill Co Kildare not too far from Dublin and the factory unit covers nearly five acres. The plant concept is done completely by Prilhofer Consulting and in such a way to guarantee the highest possible output and the maximum efficiency of labour and machines through cut down of the unproductive time of machines and workers to a minimum. Producing different products at the same time is possible without disturbance in workflow and efficiency.

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VST Slovakia

VST produces walls and slabs as permanent formwork with complete reinforcement and fixtures. Therefore, only concrete needs to be poured on site. The walls and slabs are made of cement-bound chipboards. Prilhofer Consulting received an order for the new development of an automated production plant. This production process was applied for a patent after the development.

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