United Arab Emirates

  • Pallet carousel system for precast elements in Dubai
  • Precast production: Low costs, high quality
  • Mixing plant for precast production
  • Precast elements for construction in desert climates

The construction of a precast plant was started for Mammut Technocrete in Dubai at the beginning of 2005 after comprehensive planning. The factory has three production lines: a semi-automatic circulation system, a special production line fitted with conventional tilting tables and a fully automatic pallet circulation system, which is in a league of its own when it comes to size and degree of automation. The plant has an annual production capacity of 2,500,000 m². Solid wall elements, solid and precast slabs, facade elements, beams, columns and stairs, i.e. all types of precast elements needed for complete constructions are produced here. Even a turning device for double walls is installed. In future precast element walls will be introduced on the local market.

The overall plant concept was elaborated by Christian Prilhofer Consulting in Freilassing.

The capacities required by the customer demanded a comprehensive planning work all contractual parties because a circulation system with such pallet sizes and cycle times had never been designed before. The implementation of the machines, logistics and production engineering was therefore very challenging, but it was mastered by all companies involved. It was possible to implement all of the customer's production plant requirements.

Not only the fact that there had never before been such a complex system in the Emirates, but also that some of the products (such as the large-size floor slabs and precast walls) are not or were not known on the market, brought additional requirements with it. In addition to the requirement for their own lattice girder welding plant it was also necessary for the employees to become suitably familiar with the equipment.

For all pending tasks from the planning phase in the engineering office, plant and production planning to sales, know-how that has been brought in by experienced engineers from Europe is and will be needed.

Mammut was a new entrant into the precast technology. Therefore they wanted a partner for the development of the building system, support for the implementation as well as all the services provided by a master planner.

In addition to Mammut Technocrete there is Mammut Building Systems – the leading manufacturer of prefabricated steel constructions and sandwich slabs in the Emirates – as well as Mammut Industries (manufacturer of truck trailers and portable containers) belonging to Mammut Group FZ Co.