• Modern precast plant in Malaysia
  • Efficient pallet carousel system für precast concrete elements
  • Custom-made concept for a precast plant
  • Stockyard with solid walls

The first contact with Gamuda took place in autumn 2014, the project itself started at the beginning of 2015.

Gamuda, as an already very successful real estate developer, wanted to install a precast plant in order to supply their building sites with precast concrete elements produced in this plant. In addition to that, Gamuda is especially well known for the high quality and sustainability of its projects and wished to increase them even more.

Moreover, in some parts of Asia there are strict regulations regarding low impact construction, which can only be complied with by means of an industrial construction method.

The target of Gamuda for this project was the production of 500.000 m² of precast concrete elements per year. An extension of the production at a later point in time has already been considered.

Currently the factory of Gamuda produces solid walls and lattice floor slabs. The production of stairs, beams, and columns is possible but is not in use at the moment.

The size of the facility is 15.500 m² and elements are produced in a pallet carousel system with 50 pallets of the size 4.2 x 13.5 meters. Production started in the middle of the year 2016.

Gamuda, as one of the most important real estate developer in Malaysia and new entrant into the field of industrialized construction, wanted to have a master planner and partner for the project management. Their aim was to save time and money and get an optimum quality by cooperating with a consultant.

Gamuda is Malaysia’s leading infrastructure group. The core business of the company include construction and engineering, property development and construction and operation of infrastructure. The company has been founded in 1976, has currently more than 3.500 employees and its revenue in 2015 was RM 2.4 billion.