• Factory for: baseplates, slabs, special elements made with precast concrete
  • High-quality integrated construction solutions
  • Wall elements for the Goldbeck turnkey system
  • Columns and special elements made with precast concrete
  • Concrete pouring in a pallet carousel system
  • Wall elements with windows in the stockyard

To increase their performance in the field of precast concrete elements, Goldbeck invested about € 10 million into a new facility in Hamm in 2009, which was expanded at a cost of a further € 7 million in 2011. The main focus in the two original halls, each 150 m long, is currently on the production of concrete supports, foundations and floor elements. The two new halls, added in 2011, now host the manufacturing of complex precast wall elements, which is of increasing importance due to the steadily growing demand for office and senior citizen housing, schools, hotels and student halls of residence. The partial turnkey exterior wall elements, which have the dual functions of outer skin and load transfer, come factory-equipped with insulation and windows, including glass and sunscreen, before leaving the production hall.

With their new precast facility in Hamm, which was designed by Prilhofer Consulting, Goldbeck has taken a pioneering step and achieved a significant increase in production capacity of high-quality precast elements. In addition to being conveniently situated for road transport, the production site is located next to a canal, which offers the option of shipping.

Goldbeck is an extremely successful provider of integrated solutions for buildings. An efficient plant which could be implemented in the shortest time possible was required. The modification was realized in the exisiting building.

As a medium-sized, family-owned group, Goldbeck is one of the driving forces in the commercial and municipal construction industry. A key element of their service portfolio is the planning, construction and management of office buildings, warehouses and parking garages. Recent additions to the portfolio include accommodation blocks such as senior citizens' homes and student halls of residence. Goldbeck offers integrated solutions from a single source.

Building is done with system components that are mainly produced in their own factories. Therefore, orders can be executed quickly and economically. A high degree of prefabrication guarantees a consistently high standard of construction and allows for short construction times on site, virtually regardless of the weather. Project-oriented planning ensures an on-time delivery of the individual components and thus a rapid assembly phase. The use of modern technology and professional logistics are the prerequisites for high efficiency when building with system components.

The company produces the majority of the system components itself, but some are manufactured externally, for example if relatively simple concrete structures cannot be produced economically in their own facilities due to transportation logistics.


  • Solid walls
  • Special system by Goldbeck