• Precast concrete pallet carousel system
  • Pallet with reinforcement in a carousel plant
  • Precast concrete double wall in a pallet carousel system
  • Balcony elements made with precast in the stockyard
  • Stockyard with precast concrete stairs

In 1998 innbau seized the opportunity to take over an insolvent company. Thanks to only a little conversion and modernisation work, the production of double walls was also possible from that point on. However, with around 50,000 m² of double wall elements produced in recent years, the production capacity of the plant was continuously at full stretch, in which is why the company decided in 2010 to begin with the planning of a new plant that would reflect the state of the art and enable innbau in future to produce precast concrete elements with a maximum productivity and quality and with sufficient reserves of production capacity.

Prilhofer Consulting was commissioned to plan the new double wall plant at the Mettenheim site – and for a good reason, too: when the plant for the production of filigree slabs was completely re-planned in 1996, it was also Prilhofer Consulting who, during the planning, foresightedly positioned and dimensioned the mixing plant in such a way that the new double wall plant can today be supplied with concrete from the same mixing plant without this leading to production bottlenecks for either of the works.

The plant was planned to meet the high customer demands and extremely short delivery times and particular importance was attached to work efficiency, product quality and the ability to react quickly. innbau does not manufacture mass-produced goods, but attaches importance to supplying high-quality precast concrete elements to satisfied customers.

innbau is a longstanding producer of semi-precast concrete elements. Prilhofer Consulting acted as master planner and partner for the realization of the construction of a plant producing double walls. Requirements for the project were highest efficiency and full automation of the plant with lowest investment. Prilhofer Consulting has already designed and implemented 2 production plants for innbau.

innbau has been active in the concrete industry in the southeastern part of Bavaria in Germany since the beginning of the 1970s. Although exclusively ready-mix concrete was produced at first, the company decided very soon to produce and market precast slabs with in-situ topping as well. The filigree slab, which has a market share of well over 70% in Germany, is still one of innbau’s most important products today. Further acquisitions as well as the construction of a special new plant for filigree slabs in 1996 at the Mettenheim site have made innbau one of the largest manufacturers in South Germany with a production of around 450,000 m² of filigree slabs.


  • Double walls
  • Insulated double walls
  • Solid walls
  • Lattice floor slabs

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