New shuttering robot for innbau

  • State-of-the-art shuttering robot
  • Modernization of shuttering robot

Since 1996, innbau operates a production plant (automated carousel system) for lattice floor slabs which was designed by Prilhofer Consulting. The plant runs in a two-shift operation since that date. For this reason, it was time to replace the shuttering robot. With increasing complexity of the geometries, the shuttering robot has become more and more the bottleneck of the plant because it only has a doublebar gripping device.

A study was conducted with possible options for the replacement of the machine, taking installation conditions in the existing plant as well as the entire investment costs (possibly including the replacement of the system for shutters) and efficiency (man hours per m²) into consideration.

The shuttering robot, which was recommended by Prilhofer Consulting and finally built in, has a quadruple bar gripping device in order to generate the required output. This machine has the best price-performance ratio. With it, innbau is equipped to keep its leading position in the efficiency of production of lattice floor slabs in the next years.

At the beginning of the project, innbau tried to carry out the planning with machine suppliers but had to realize that existing conditions (plant layout, etc.) were not or hardly taken into consideration. Therefore, Prilhofer Consulting was commissioned to carry out the planning.

innbau has been active in the concrete industry in the southeastern part of Bavaria in Germany since the beginning of the 1970s. Acquisitions as well as the construction of a special new plant for filigree slabs in 1996 at the Mettenheim site have made innbau one of the largest manufacturers in South Germany with a production of around 450,000 m² of filigree slabs. Read more now about innbau Fertigteilwerke

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