• Automated production plant
  • Cutting of elements
  • Continuous board with openings for fixtures
  • Finished wall element

VST produces walls and slabs as permanent formwork with complete reinforcement and fixtures. Therefore, only concrete needs to be poured on site. The walls and slabs are made of cement-bound chipboards. These boards behave very similar to concrete. Originally, the elements were produced manually from two single boards (board size 1.2 x 3.2 m) but this process was very labor intensive. This was the reason for placing an order with Prilhofer for the new development of an automated production plant. This production process was applied for a patent following the development.

The element halves are cut from a continuous board, which is produced from single boards in the newly developed production plant. After this step, the shape is finished by a water-jet cutter. The so-called spacer angle brackets are screwed to the finished shape by a robot and at the next station, the fixtures and reinforcement are placed.

Labor utilization could be reduced by approximately 70% through automatization of processes.

We were the right partner for VST because we have extensive experience in designing customized automated production plants. (lot size 1). Prilhofer Consulting was able to plan all the necessary trades. From generating data in CAD to designing the plant technology and master planning.

VST Verbundschalungstechnik s.r.o. is a subsidiary of VST BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES AG and based in Nitra, Slovakia. The VST construction elements are produced there in the largest and most modern plant of its kind in Europe according to individual customer requirements.

VST Verbundschalungstechnik s.r.o. was founded in 2000 and currently employs approximately 120 people.


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