• Central moving platform for special precast concrete elements
  • Precast concrete elements for wind power plants
  • Pallet carousel system for high-strength concrete

After many years of manufacturing precast concrete elements on tilting tables and stationary production lines, Siegen-based Benno Drössler GmbH & Co. Bauunternehmung KG decided to optimize the current production method by indroducing a pallet circulation plant.

Apart from structural elements, a wide variety of laminar precast concrete elements have been manufactured for many years at the location in Siegen. The range extends from simple solid walls to sophisticated facade elements with a sandwich design through to custom parts for large tanks, biogas plants and the like.

In addition, Drössler has considerably extended its production range in recent years. For instance, the company has developed its own patented construction system for the manufacture of so-called Ventur hybrid towers, with which particularly efficient wind turbines with a height of up to 160 m can be manufactured. The tower segments required for this are likewise manufactured from laminar solid elements with outer toothing for the connection with one another.

In order to meet these demanding requirements, the existing production has been modernised and replaced with a highly flexible pallet circulation plant containing a central moving platform.

Prilhofer Consulting planning office from Freilassing was commissioned to develop a concept for this undertaking.

The major task was to improve the post-treatment of self-compacting and high-strength concretes by means of hardening chambers in a newly planned hall, but with an undiminished flexibility in the use of the plant. Furthermore, the existing hall with the concrete and reinforcement delivery was to continue to be used and the process of removal to the outdoor storage area was to be streamlined. Due to these requirements as well as the varied production range, a classic pallet circulation plant principle was out of the question. Therefore planning was concentrated on a pallet circulation plant with a central moving platform.

Drössler produces precast concrete elements and towers for wind power plants. A layout that combined efficiency with low investment was required due to the modification of the existing building with a new annex.

For 80 years, Drössler GmbH has been specialized in the areas of structural precast construction, container construction and concrete technology for the environment and renewable energies: from the initial planning of the construction to the production in its own precast plant and finally the installation on site. About 180 employees guarantee at each stage of the construction project highest quality to the last detail.