• Modern mixing plant for company Elsäßer
  • Modern high-performance mixing plant
  • State-of-the-art mixing plant from inside

In 2015, Elsäßer decided to replace its existing 20 years old mixing plant with a newly built mixing plant in order to meet the increased requirements of the market.

A custom-made solution was necessary due to a high-voltage power line, which runs across the site and due to the existing halls. In addition to that, the demands on the new mixing plant were very high: it has to supply three pallet carousel systems with concrete, be able to produce special and colored concrete and to supply production during a three-shift operation, which is why a large volume for cement and aggregates was necessary.

The complexity of the overall task regarding the mixing plant, a recycling plant as well as connecting a new concrete shuttle posed a great challenge for all parties involved in the project which was overcome by their joint efforts.

Thanks to the commitment of all the project participants, the entire plant, which supplies all production lines with concrete, could be put into automated operation at the end of March 2017.

Elsäßer wanted to get the best solution for the mixing plant, independent of manufacturers, and therefore needed an independent consultant. The mixing plant had to be fitted to the existing halls. After the solution was developed, tenders were invited for the plant and an order was placed. Prilhofer Consulting also provided support during execution.

The company Egon Elsäßer Bauindustrie was founded by Egon Elsäßer in 1972 in Geisingen in Baden-Württemberg in Germany. The product range covers double walls, solid walls, slabs for balconies, balustrade elements and flights of stairs. In the last decades, Elsäßer invested continuously in automated state-of-the-art pallet carousel systems and expanded its export sales.

By now, the export volume amounts to 40% and there is an extra sales office in Switzerland. The company employs 160 persons at the moment and is managed by Marlies Elsäßer-Heitz in the second generation.


  • Grey concrete
  • Colored concrete
  • Specialty concrete