Skandinaviska Byggelement AB

2008 & 2003
  • Precast plant in Sweden
  • Pallet carousel system for high-quality elements
  • Pallet cleaning in a pallet carousel system
  • Wall elements made with precast concrete

One of the major tasks faced by this company was to develop and build a new production plant for precast concrete components such as solid walls as well as semi-finished components such as slabs and double walls. Based on the calculated costs of transport to the main area of the sales market, Katrineholm in Sweden was selected as the location for the new plant. The site was handed over in December 2001 and construction work started in September 2002. Working in collaboration with Christian Prilhofer Consulting, Freilassing, Germany and the engineering suppliers, the first pallet was produced on 3rd September 2003.

The first step involved a collaboration between Skandinaviska Byggelement AB (SBE) and Christian Prilhofer Consulting to determine the basic requirements for the plant. In order to do this, SBE carried out studies on the current market situation and determined the objectives of Peab AB. At the same time, numerous visits and study trips to reference customers of Christian Prilhofer Consulting highlighted the initial solutions and works designs which were already in existence and these, in turn, led to new requirements on the part of SBE.

Based on this fundamental research, Prilhofer Consulting developed a plant layout designed to implement the basic requirements in the best way possible. The problem of location also had to be considered since, at the beginning of the development process, it was still not certain whether a new works needed to be built, or whether SBE should use an existing production facility.

As a result, a plant layout was elaborated using a basic concept which had already proved successful in terms of efficiency in several other plants and, with a few extra features, also fulfilled all the additional requirements. The plant mainly produces floor slabs and double walls but makes solid walls and solid floors as well..

In 2008 the existing plant was expanded by adding a production plant for slabs. Due to the successful collaboration with Prilhofer Consulting on the project in 2003, Prilhofer Consulting was contacted again and designed the new factory layout, as well as supported SBE in the awarding of contracts and the realization of the project.

Filigree slabs are produced in a production facility of 3,000 m² with a production output of 140 m² per hour and a pallet size of 2.5 to 13.5 meters.

Skandinaviska Byggelement AB (SBE) is the biggest producer of semi-precast concrete elements in Scandinavia. SBE operates 2 production facilities in Katrineholm. Both plants have been designed and implemented by Prilhofer Consulting. Prilhofer Consulting was master planner and partner for the transfer of production technology.

With 11,000 staff and an annual turnover of two billion euros, Peab AB, the parent company in Helsingborg, Sweden, is one of the largest construction companies in Scandinavia. Their geographical market includes Sweden, Norway and Finland. With rents being so high, the company set itself the objective of constructing high-quality, multi-storey residential buildings at an acceptable cost.

To carry this out, the basic elements had to be standardised, thus reducing the cost of the elements and of assembly work. Other advantages are the high quality of the products and the possibility of construction with a variety of architectures and designs.

So far, each construction division of Peab had been using its own methods and designs for multi-storey buildings. Because of the situation, it had been difficult to reduce the costs. The subsidiary Skandinaviska Byggelement AB was therefore founded to overcome this problem.