•  Lauter - factory for precast concrete parts
  • Interior view pallet carousel system
  •  Lauter - pallet circulation system in the precast plant
  •  Lauter - inside view of pallet circulation system precast concrete plant
  •  Lauter - Pallet circulation system for precast concrete elements

Prilhofer Consulting developed the new precast concrete plant to meet perfectly fitting the needs of Lauter Co. During the development phase, several graduated plant concepts and investment scenarios were worked out and evaluated in detailed profitability calculations.

In the end, Lauter Co. decided on a maximally automated version with emphasis on maximum production efficiency for the targeted product range. The main focus remains the element slab. The increasing demand for double walls is perfectly integrated and product variability is covered with perfect efficiency. The increasing demand for solid walls is also perfectly covered in the concept for Lauter Co., with automatic shuttering, separate smoothing and processing areas. Insulated double walls as well as special products such as air conditioning slabs can be perfectly integrated in separate areas of the pallet carousel plant.

The pallet carousel plant takes up a hall area of about 4,400 m². The reinforcement systems with automatic mesh welding system, flexible lattice girder welding system and connected insertion robot are installed on an intermediate platform of approx. 1,600 m².

The annual production quantity in two-shift operation amounts to up to 450,000 m² of concreted area. The plant went into operation successfully in October 2019 and will secure Lauter Co. the future viability and successful development on the highly competitive precast market.

For an investment step of this magnitude and a further milestone in the company's history, it was essential for Lauter Co. to have a concept for the new production plant that was tailored to its own requirements, safe and technically and commercially verifiable.

A very important aspect of contracting Prilhofer Consulting was for Lauter Co., despite the great experience and competence in their own company, to have an experienced and independent consultant at their side during the realization of the project, in order to be able to carry out a project as smoothly and risk-minimized as possible.

High-performance concrete mixing plants, an extensive delivery fleet and modern CAD/CAM production facilities for precast concrete parts make Lauter the preferred supplier of building materials for well-known road, bridge, commercial and residential construction projects.