South Korea

  • Precast concrete hollow core plant South Korea
  • Steel bar production in the Samsung precast plant
  • Production lanes for hollow core slabs
  • Stockyard with hollow core slabs
  • Special element made with precast concrete in the stockyard

In 2011 Samsung C&T Corporation made the decision to strengthen and enlarge its precast production. A project team was set up for this task. As a first step the development of the world market for precast elements and precast machinery was checked to get an overview and have a starting point for the development. The next step was to look for help and advice in the development of the existing factories and to plan a new production plant for prestressed hollow core slabs. At the beginning of 2011 Prilhofer Consulting was hired for these tasks. After checking the existing factory and making proposals for the upgrade, the second step in the development was taken. This was the design and purchase of a new factory in a different location for the production of prestressed hollow core slabs.

The entire factory planning and overall setup of the plant were delivered by Prilhofer Consulting. Output and vision for the future were developed by Samsung C&T in collaboration with Prilhofer Consulting.

Samsung C&T is the largest construction company in South Korea. Prilhofer Consulting was master planner and partner for the realization of the construction of a new plant for hollow core slabs at a new location.

Samsung C&T Corporation was founded in 1938 as the parent company of Samsung Group. In 1975, it was designated by the Korean government as the nation’s “first general trading company” to lead overseas sales operations. It merged with Samsung Construction in December 1995 and has since been engaged in various global businesses through offices in over 50 countries.


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