Birkenmeier Fertigteile GmbH

  • Automatic Demolding Station
  • Garden and Landscaping Elements
  • L-Shape Retaining Walls before Wall concreting
  • Rack Operater post processing Circulation
  • Rack Operater post curing Rack

for L-Shape Retaining Walls, Garden and Landscaping products as well as aesthetically high-quality special components.

Due to the high demands on capacity and product variety, Prilhofer Consulting designed a pallet carousel system, as the traditional production of L-Shape retaining walls in stationary molds delivers good quality, but is labor-intensive and, especially when the product dimensions change, involves high adjustment costs for the molds or requires a large number of molds in different dimensions.

A new shuttering system designed by Prilhofer Consulting allows the flexible shuttering of a wide range of dimensions and, as a major innovation, fully automatic demolding of the solid parts by a demolding robot. This made it possible to optimize the useable area of the pallets and reduce the number of shutterings per pallet by approx. 40% compared to conventional shuttering systems. This measure enables the robot systems to achieve the necessary cycle times for the required plant output. The concreting of the wall sections and base sections of the L-Shape retaining walls was split into two production steps.

The wall sections can be formed 100% automatically by the robots to any desired size and the formwork for the base sections can be configured to different base widths in just a few simple steps.

The concreting of L-Shape retaining walls, wall and base sections and Garden and Landscaping products takes place in parallel at three different concreting stations.

Concrete is supplied to the three concrete distributors in parallel and simultaneously with the different types and colours of concrete required by a mixing plant specially designed by Prilhofer Consulting.

A separate post-processing loop was designed in the pallet circulation system for post-curing and post-processing such as sandblasting, acidifying, grinding or coating.

The introduction of new ideas, aspects and perspectives in the planning of the new production plant were essential for Birkenmeier to be supported by Prilhofer Consulting in this milestone project.

Due to the large number of innovations, also in terms of plant technology, the selection of suitable project partners and suppliers was also an important aspect for Birkenmeier. Well coordinated project support and coordination of all the companies involved right through to successful completion could only be guaranteed by the expertise of Prilhofer Consulting.

Birkenmeier Fertigteile GmbH is an owner-managed family business, founded in 1948, and an established market leader for high-quality products in the field of construction elements and systems for the design of outdoor facilities and open spaces.

Key points

  • Master Planning
  • Basic development & plant planning
  • Purchase machines
  • Project implementation and acceptance
  • Guiding the production
  • Future Planning


  • L-Shape Retaining Walls
  • GaLa products (Garden and Landscaping): terrace slabs, steles, block steps, benches, cubes, plant pots
  • Stairs
  • balconies
  • facade panels
  • special parts