• Mixing plant for ultra-high performance concrete
  • Gantry crane for the production of machine beds
  • Portal milling machine for machine frames

Modern ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) has become a preferred material in the field of machine engineering by now. Apart from low costs, concrete provides benefits regarding vibration and thermal behavior and replaces more and more conventional materials like iron casting and all steel welded constructions.

The Chinese producer Kle-Rause uses this future technology as a newcomer and extended its existing production with a pure UHPC production for it.

Together with durcrete GmbH from Germany, Kle-Rause developed an integrated concept for the production based on the Nanodur Compound by Dyckerhoff.

Prilhofer Consulting was commissioned with defining the technical details and supporting and coordinating the tender process for a mixing plant for special concrete. The tender process took less than 3 months and the acceptance of the failure-free plant (including seaway from Germany) was finished in 8 months. The smooth acceptance was last but not least due to the support of Prilhofer Consulting during the execution phase of the project.

This mixing plant for specialty and ultra-high performance concrete is characterized by a 1.5 m³ (net) high performance turbine mixer with a compacted concrete capacity of approximately 6 m³/h. The plant is completed by a fully automated fibre dosing equipment.

Prilhofer Consulting was able to convince Kle-Rause with their experience in special structures (especially mixing plants). In particular a material with minimum tolerances requires a seamless definition of interfaces and a seamless implementation which are important for the quality of the final product. Due to the overall planning and monitoring, an early and satisfying acceptance could be achieved.

Kle-Rause is a subsidiary company of Shandong Yonghua Machinery Ltd., which manufactures large and high-quality milling-machines for the Asian market.

The company is based in Jining in China and Mr. Fan Lei is its managing director.

Kle-Rause produces solid machine beds for the Chinese market.