Baustoffwerk Helminger

  • Helminger interior view precast concrete plant
  • Helminger view detail formwork
  • Interior view pallet carousel system precast concrete plant
  • Interior view pallet carousel system precast concrete plant
  • Helminger concrete shuttle

Baustoffwerk Helminger was approaching Prilhofer Consulting for the design of a state of the art production plant to replace the existing manual production.

Prilhofer Consulting was designing a tailor-made production plant with high automation. Additional walls were imbedded in the production. The production plant was built in a new building next to the existing batching plant. The concrete supply is made with a concrete shuttle system. Due to the fact that the output of floors should not be encased but high automation was required walls must be introduced to make the project feasible

The production plant needs a building with 1,900 m² and can produce approximately 150,000 m² of concreted area. The plant was installed end of 2019 and set into production end of March 2020.

After 4 weeks test production the required output was reached.

Baustoffwerk Helminger as a long time manufacturer of floor slabs and Liapor blocks wanted to have a general planner that cares about factory planning as well as strategic product development. Target of the cooperation was to have an independent consultant on board to get started with new products and new production technology

Baustoffwerk Helminger produces since the 1990ties floor slabs and Liapor block to be a regional partner for the building industry.