• Pallet carousel system for double walls
  • Custom-made production of special elements
  • Stockyard with walls and floor slabs

At the end of March 2007, a new circulation system for large-scale products was put into operation. The circulation system was designed and coordinated by Christian Prilhofer Consulting. Equipment, instrumentation and control systems were produced and supplied by Ebawe and Progress. The pallet circulation system has been designed to accommodate double and solid walls. In total, 40 pallets are available for products of 16.20 x 3.70 m (net) in size.

Key components of the line include a shuttering and demolding robot, an automated concrete spreader, a vacuum turning system and a mat welding unit. Due to the large dimensions and the resulting heavy weights, all components have been designed to resist particularly high loads. The vacuum turning frame for example has a lifting capacity of 25 tons.

The entire circulation system includes 12 workstations. The curing chamber comprises 34 bays. In the default setting, the transport of pallets in longitudinal and transverse direction is ensured by bogies, friction gears, and transverse lifting platforms. Concrete is fed into the system via a bucket conveyor transporting the fresh concrete from the mixer located in the existing neighboring building into the new hall.

Rudolph has been producing precast concrete elements for more than 30 years. The project with Prilhofer Consulting included the construction of a new plant for semi-precast concrete elements and special elements. These new innovative products required a new type of plant. Prilhofer Consulting was master planner for this project and had already designed and implemented two production plants for Rudolph in former projects.

Located in Weiler-Simmerberg, Hermann Rudolph Baustoffwerk GmbH was founded as early as in 1913, starting out as a construction business and gaining initial experience in the manufacturing of concrete products in the early 1950s. In the meantime, the company has earned a top reputation for its range of most diverse high-quality products offered, and for the continuous redesign and development of prefabricated concrete elements.


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