Casas Geo

  • Pallet carousel system for precast elements
  • Placing of reinforcement in a pallet carousel system
  • Earthquake proof precast housing
  • Esthetically appealing affordable housing
  • Eartquake proof and affordable housing in Mexico

Prilhofer Consulting has provided the following services for Casas Geo:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Selection of the most suitable building system
  • Selection of the connection details for walls and floors
  • Development of the factory layout and production process
  • Master plan for the factory area with infrastructure
  • Development of the general workflow in the factory
  • Preparing the data sheets of material used in the production
  • Development of the transport logistics and transport system for the finished products
  • Tendering documents for machines, plants and building
  • Data and documents for the building and stock yard
  • Overall coordination of the building, machines and plants
  • Overall coordination of the building process and installation process of machines and plants
  • Development of the organisational structure for the precast production
  • Overall coordination of the factory start-up
  • Acceptance of the factory
  • Accompaniment during the start-up phase by an engineer from Prilhofer Consulting

Casas Geo was a new entrant into the precast concrete technology. Therefore they wanted a partner for the development of the building system and support for the implementation, as well as all the services provided by a master planner.

Casas Geo has been working in the real estate business all over Mexico for 37 years. In 2010, Casas Geo was building 50.000 units per year in the traditional brick and cast in situ system. Casas Geo wanted to double the number of houses to 100.000 units per year until 2015. To achieve this goal, Casas Geo decided to use the precast system.