Saudi Arabia

  • High capacity precast plant
  • Stockyard with hollow core slabs
  • Architectural concrete facade elements in stockyard
  • No limitations for the design of facades

Being the official production start date of Alabniah Precast Concrete Buildings Factory, the 1st of January 2010 is a date not only starting a new decade but also a date where the Saudi Arabian precast concrete industry sees the most advanced and largest factory of its kind in the Kingdom starting off. The factory located in the Second Industrial Area of Dammam is the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia offering the combined advantages of state-of-the-art production technology, high capacity and wide product range to deliver complete building systems and precast components to the market.

After the foundation of AlAbniah, a newcomer in the precast concrete business, a period of detailed market analysis and planning for the new factory began. This process was supported by Prilhofer Consulting, who helped AlAbniah to get an overview of the production methods and technologies available in the market. This covered all aspects from low automated traditional methods to fully automated solutions integrating pallet circulation systems, shuttering robots and fully automated mesh-making facilities. It became very clear during this process that a demanding market like Saudi Arabia with its large-scale and high-volume construction projects requires a facility delivering a high output of quality precast concrete products within short delivery periods. Therefore the task for Prilhofer Consulting was to design a factory that allows AlAbniah to provide exactly that required capacity, quality and range of products. At the same time the factory needed to be flexible enough to adapt to the changing demands of product-specific workflows.

The factory offers 23,000 m² of covered production area built on a site with a total surface of 112,000 m². The daily production capacity of the circulation system is up to 110 pallets per day, equalling approximately 3,500 m² of placed concrete every day.

AlAbniah was a new entrant into the precast technology. Therefore they wanted a master planner and a partner for know-how transfer. Other important issues were the short implementation period and lowest possible investment.

Alabniah is a company founded in late 2005 with its headquarters in Al Khobar. It is a subsidiary of the Adraj Holding Company. The chairman of the company is a strong believer in European technology and the necessity of creating a clean and modern working environment for the staff in the factory to ensure that precast concrete products with top quality can be produced with high efficiency and at competitive prices.

The aim was to set up a factory which meets this objective on a long-term basis and is more than one step ahead of other precast factories in the Saudi Arabia producing mainly on stationary tables rather than using pallet circulation systems.


  • Solid walls
  • Sandwich walls
  • Lattice floor slabs
  • Double walls
  • Hollow-core slabs
  • Columns / trusses
  • TT-slabs