• Highly efficient pallet carousel system
  • Modern precast production
  • Finished wall elements with fixtures
  • Stockyard with lattice floor slabs

The German company Albert Regenold GmbH set itself the goal to update its production for precast concrete elements in order to be state of the art. A state of the art production ensures a constant product quality and raises the productivity of the plant.

A modernization of the production plants had been long considered and discussed at Regenold but only at the beginning of 2015 did they start to put their plans into action together with Prilhofer Consulting.

The new pallet carousel system produces mainly lattice floor slabs; however, it is also designed for the production of double walls and solid walls. The plants has 50 pallets sized 3,6 x 12,5 meters and the size of the facility amounts to 4.300 m².

Production in the new pallet carousel system started in August 2016 and after only a few months it is measurable that the intended goals have been or can be met with the updated production.

Regenold is an experienced producer of precast concrete elements and decided to modernize its precast concrete production. Prilhofer Consulting supported Regenold in this project as consultant and master planner. A trouble-free change from the old production plant to the modern pallet carousel system was required in order to minimize production downtimes.

Regenold was founded in 1923 in the Mittelbaden town Bühl-Vimbuch. Since 1950, the company is one of the leading precast concrete producers and in the 1960s they took part in the development of the double wall concept.

The company is family owned in the fourth generation and has currently approximately 50 employees. The plant in Bühl-Vimbuch produces lattice floor slabs, double walls, stairs, columns and beams, as well as special elements on request.