• Precast production plant in Sweden
  • Placing shatterings in a pallet carousel system
  • Pallet carousel system with finished products
  • Sandwich walls in a stockyard

A general renewal of the Skanska factory in Strängnäs was carried out and included a new pallet circuit and the modernization of the existing production plant. The possibilities of including the pallet circuit in the existing facilities and building a new factory building were examined.

The decision was made to build a new building for the pallet circuit system and to use the existing building for upgrading the production of reinforcement, special products like facades and prestressed parts. The pallet circuit system was designed to produce sandwich elements, solid walls, solid floor slabs and special elements with a maximum height of 3,800 mm and a length of 12,000 mm. The entire planning was carried out by Prilhofer Consulting.

Skanska is the largest construction company in Scandinavia. A modern flexible carousel system was designed and implemented by Prilhofer Consulting in an existing production facility in Strängness. Skanska issued a global tender for the project planning, which Prilhofer Consulting won.

Skanska is one of the worlds largest construction companies, with a leading position in a number of home markets in Europe, the United States and Latin America. Skanska also carries out project development in selected geographic markets and focuses on finding innovative solutions through close collaboration with its customers and by combining the Group’s international expertise with a local presence.

Skanska Sweden is constantly working on the development of more efficient construction processes. As a part of this program industrial construction techniques are being increasingly employed. Product platforms such as ModernaHus, a residential apartment building concept, are being developed. Such platforms enable Skanska to lower the costs and improve the quality by increasing their output and constantly implementing improvements. A part of the improvements is realized by moving working hours from the temporary construction sites to a more controlled environment within a factory. Through the investment in a new pallet circuit in Strängnäs, Skanska aims to increase both capacity and efficiency with an improved working environment and higher quality of the precast products used on Skanskas construction sites.