• Pallet carousel system for precast elements in Ireland
  • Stockyard with precast double walls
  • High capacity precast plant with stockyard

The new precast plant is based on a 13-acre site in Arthurstown, Kill Co Kildare not too far from Dublin with the factory unit covering nearly 5 acres.

The entire plant concept was developed by Prilhofer Consulting to guarantee the highest possible output and the maximum efficiency of labour and machines by cutting the unproductive time of machines and workers down to a minimum. Producing different products at the same time is possible without affecting workflow and efficiency. Once the final stage of extension is reached, this system can produce 150 m² of floor slabs or 75 m² of double walls or 80 m² of solid walls (finished products). The production building itself is designed to produce solid walls, filigree slabs and double walls.

Alcrete was a new entrant into the precast technology. Therefore they wanted a master planner and a partner for know-how transfer. Other important issues were support in implementing the building system and a short construction time for the production facility.

Alcrete Ltd. in Ireland, a precast factory which can produce pre-cast elements for up to 5,000 housing units per annum, started producing precast housing components in 2006. With the new factory they reduce build up time by up to a third compared to certain types of concrete housing construction and are able to provide quality homes at affordable prices.