• Modern precast plant in Germany
  • Production of precast concrete sandwich walls
  • Production of insulated walls in a pallet carousel system
  • Placing of reinforcement in a precast production
  • Stockyard with sandwich walls (Wochner)

One of the most modern precast plants in Germany was put into operation at the start of 2011 at FBW (Fertigbau Wochner). FBW, a company belonging to the Vogel-Bau Group, produces sophisticated precast concrete elements at its site in Dormettingen with a largely fully automatic production facility. In addition to structural precast elements of all kinds, FBW’s products also include concrete walls made using the solid or sandwich construction method. The new plant is intended above all for the production of solid walls, sandwich elements and other flat concrete products such as floor elements etc.

The plant has been in full operation since October 2011 and is capable of producing an area of around 85,000 m2 per year with an average part complexity, requiring only 3.5 man-hours per cbm of precast concrete elements. Hence, the plant is considered a trend-setter for the flexible production of solid and sandwich elements with regard to machines and efficiency.

Fertigbau Wochner produces turn-key buildings and precast concrete elements. They have the most modern and most efficient production facility (status 2015) for solid and sandwich elements in Germany. Prilhofer Consulting was master planner of this plant.

FBW is one of the leading suppliers in Southern Germany of extensive construction works, precast concrete elements and building materials for commercial and industrial investors, developers, public authorities and private builders. FBW, as a producer of different construction elements and components, supplies contractors, planners, architects and builders throughout Germany and beyond.

WOCHNER group as a family-owned business was established in 1939. Today FBW Fertigbau Wochner is part of the VOGEL-Bau group. With innovative capacity, a farsighted sense of the market, the right balance between ecology and economy, FBW Fertigbau Wochner produces precast concrete elements, constructions and building materials at two locations with currently 230 employees. FBW covers the whole range of modern reinforced concrete, concrete and Liapor® products.