Elsäßer Reinforcement

  • State-of-the-art mesh welding plant for precast production
  • New and efficient production of reinforcement steel meshes
  • Modern lattice girder production for precast concrete elements

Elsäßer operates among others two pallet carousel systems which were installed in the 90s. The reinforcement production, based on the state of the art at that time, consisted of a reinforcing robot for single bars and a manual lattice girder production with vertical storage. This equipment requires one worker for the lattice girder production in every plant and causes great efforts for unbending single rebars at the finishing stations in the pallet carousel system.

In order to improve the reinforcement situation, a central mesh welding plant as well as a fully automated centralized lattice girder production with horizontal storage was planned. The two pallet carousel systems were connected for handing over the meshes. The finished lattice girders are distributed to both plants by means of transport systems, the existing placement robots being modernized and solely used for installation of lattice girders. An extension of the hall and the installation of additional platforms were planned. The entire project, from the conceptual design to the call for tenders and awarding of a contract until project implementation and acceptance of the plant equipment, was coordinated by Prilhofer Consulting and company Elsäßer was guided in a supportive way.

Developing the best concept by considering more than just the plant equipment and therefore achieving an ideal solution for Elsäßer. Project management and supervision by Prilhofer Consulting ensured that the project was implemented in the shortest possible time. Intensive coordination of the planning made it possible to carry out the modernization in a way that was both technically beyond reproach and cost-effective. The impartial assessment of the solutions regarding the plant equipment was an important aspect for Elsäßer.

The company Egon Elsäßer Bauindustrie was founded by Egon Elsäßer in 1972 in Geisingen in Baden-Württemberg in Germany. The product range covers double walls, solid walls, slabs for balconies, balustrade elements and flights of stairs. Learn more now about Egon Elsäßer Bauindustrie