Sampyo P&C
South Korea

  • Sampyo P&C establishes double wall system in South Korea
  •  Sampyo interior view: Precast concrete plant in South Korea
  •  Pallet circulation system for double walls | precast concrete
  • Double walls as precast concrete
  •  Factory for double walls as a precast element in South Korea

Sampyo P&C as the precast hub within the Sampyo group of companies approached Prilhofer Consulting with the intention to introduce the double wall as a precast building system in the South Korean Housing construction market.

Prilhofer Consulting developed for Sampyo P&C a tailormade pallet carousel system with low automation level to be installed into an existing building in one of Sampyo P&Cs already existing 4 precast factories. Concrete supply was realized by an existing batching plant. The idea was to enter the technology of the double wall with minimal invest as a test balloon to enter the market and to learn an understand the product and production technology at minimum risk involved.

The double wall factory with a footprint of approximately 2,800 square meters and an annual output of up to 180,000 m² of double walls has been completed in early 2019 and started producing the first double walls in April 2019.

Soon after the start of the production the interest in the South Korean market was rising and Sampyo P&C has positive plans to make the next step into a fully automated system in the near future.

Sampyo as an important producer of structural precast components and pioneer in the field of large panel construction in South Korea using double walls was looking for a master planner and partner for the implementation of the project. Their aim was to achieve the step into a new precast building system and a new production technology by cooperating with a globally experienced consultant

Sampyo is one of South Korea’s largest companies in the cement and readymix concrete business. Besides that Sampyo is an important player in the field of precast concrete construction and engineering services.