Developing new precast concrete products

Innovations in industrialized construction strengthen your competitive edge!

Discussing all issues with your customers and constantly exchanging ideas with them gives us a clear perception of what the precast concrete market requires.

Being a planning and consulting company, we do not consider replacing staff with machines or automation to be a significant innovation. For us, innovations are things that revolutionize the product or the production process.

Such innovations lead to advantages for our customers in the market and competition.

Development of new precast concrete products

How are these innovations developed?

The ever faster penetration of our environment, including our buildings, with information technology and automation require new buildings and custom solutions that go far beyond automation and mechanical engineering.

Which innovations have been invented by us?

Pallet circulation plant with continuous pallet transport for the production of concrete elements

Christian Prilhofer, CEO at Prilhofer Consulting, invented a method for the production of concrete elements in a pallet circulation system, wherein the pallets move at a slow speed through the individual work areas. The work areas are designed in a way that enables the execution of several production steps on a pallet at the same time.

Advantages of this circulation system

The work areas can thus be designed more concentrated and more optimal and the distances to be covered by material, staff and machines are reduced to a minimum.

A work area of a few meters is sufficient for every production step. The length of the hall can therefore be reduced significantly. Investment for ground, buildings and machines decreases.

The plant capacity can be modified by the continuously adjustable transport speed of the pallet, which makes higher plant performances possible.

Reinforcement element, appliance and procedure for producing a reinforcement element

Another invention by Mr. Prilhofer is a reinforcement element, which is both mesh and lattice girder, produced from single rods and in one machine.

Advantages of this reinforcement element

The innovative reinforcement element according to the invention has the advantage that the lattice girders are already connected to the reinforcement mesh. This has the particular advantage that all subsequent automated processes are extremely simplified and respective costs for personnel and machine technology can be saved.

Infinitely height-adjustable formwork system for the manufacture of precast concrete products

Another invention by Mr. Prilhofer is a formwork system for the production of precast concrete elements, which is individually adaptable to the thickness of the precast concrete elements to be produced, with the formwork profiles being equipped with an adaption mechanism and the front plate, which is the side facing the precast concrete element, being replaceable.

Advantages of this formwork system

The amount of basic shuttering forms can be adapted to the number of pallets in the circulation system because all the necessary precast concrete element thicknesses can be produced with a basic formwork system. It is no longer necessary to store a multitude of formwork profiles with a fixed, unmodifiable height for different precast concrete element thicknesses. The necessary storage area can therefore be reduced to a minimum.

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