New precast concrete factory in Malaysia

Gamuda IBS opens second precast concrete plant

Gamuda IBS opens second precast concrete plant

December 2018 – Gamuda is a Malaysian Company based in Kuala Lumpur and is amongst the largest engineering and construction companies in Malaysia.

How it all started

Prilhofer Consulting were engaged by Gamuda end of 2014 to develop the feasibility and benefits of the implementation of an industrialized building system. Because of the benefits an industrialised building system offers, such as increased productivity of construction, significant reduction of construction period, environmental sustainability and increased quality of construction Gamuda decided to apply IBS for their upcoming construction projects in the residential sector. A first factory with a capacity of 1 million square meters precast panels and an investment of about 35 million Euro has been set up and completed by end of 2016. Prilhofer Consulting did the complete process layout and site planning for Gamuda, supported the tendering process and project execution from A to Z until the handover of a complete operational factory fully meeting Gamuda’s expectations.

Right after completion of IBS factory 1 end of 2016 Gamuda placed an order with Prilhofer Consulting to develop an even bigger 2nd factory.

Planning of the second precast concrete plant

This 2nd factory has been designed by Prilhofer Consulting for an annual output of 1.6 million square meters of precast panels and 16,000 PBU (prefabricated bathroom units).

With this 2nd factory Gamuda gains the ability to produce double walls, solid walls and half slabs on the same carousel line. The line is set up for maximum flexibility in terms of product mix and efficiency at the same time. The highest possible levels of automation are implemented in this factory. Furthermore, the factory is designed as a smart, paperless factory with smart screens at all relevant workstations showing the production relevant information to the workers at the individual workstations. A long bed production delivers 0.5 million annual square meters of pre-stressed half slabs as a simple mass product.

Project support until completion in 2018

Again Prilhofer Consulting supported Gamuda from the first ideas until project completion, handover of the completed factory nearing by end of 2018. Another impressive investment of 70 million Euro on their factory 2 will make Gamuda the absolute forerunner of Malaysian IBS construction industry. Prilhofer Consulting take pride in being essential part of this success story. To be continued …