Multi-story buildings made with precast concrete elements

Precast concrete high-rise and apartment buildings

Precast concrete buildings can be built with many stories, depending on local norms, seismic and wind loads etc. Currently one of the highest precast concrete buildings stands in Vienna. It has 35 stories and was built by one of our clients.

Earthquake-proof, multi-story construction

It is irrelevant for the construction with precast concrete elements in which climate or country the buildings are to be built. Precast concrete elements are suitable for any climate and can be freely adapted to any specific culture.

One of our clients in Mexico built three story apartment houses made with precast concrete elements. In Mexico, people react quite sensitively to small cracks in a wall due to the high seismic risk. In order to prevent such cracks and to make their buyers feel confident, our clients chose the precast concrete construction method.

Solutions for the housing shortage

Large amounts of high-quality buildings can be built in a very short space of time with the precast concrete construction method. The worldwide housing shortage can be solved by means of the industrialized construction with precast concrete elements. It is also suited for social housing.

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