Industrial and commercial buildings built in precast

Concrete is able to resist high pressure

In Europe, industrial and commercial buildings, as well as parking garages are built in precast. Reasons for this are a short construction time, a long useful life, a high safety of the construction elements and large spans that allow a flexible utilization of the building.

Short construction time and high quality due to prefabrication

The entire building is erected with precast concrete elements, starting with the foundation, the columns, beams and walls. Prefabrication is optimally suited  for solid construction elements like columns and beams.

Long curing times for the concrete delay the construction progress significantly when building with in-situ concrete. In order to shorten the curing time, expensive additives need to be used. This is not necessary for precast concrete elements because they are produced in the plant and transported to the building site when they are finished.

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