Precast concrete detached houses

From the basic low cost house to the luxury villa

Precast concrete elements are optimally suited for the construction of basic and affordable detached houses as well as for luxury villas. Both building types offer various advantages for the builder and can be produced in the same precast concrete plant.

Dull gray concrete is a thing of the past!

For the realization of precast concrete projects there are hardly any limitations regarding the architectural design while at the same time providing high quality and precision. Modern precast concrete buildings are very different from former buildings made with precast concrete slabs due to an individual and creative design. Thus, individual houses which satisfy perfectly the demands of the inhabitants can be built.

High-quality buildings

Precast concrete buildings have a very high quality thanks to the weather-independent, IT-controlled production in a production building and quality controls in the plant. The builder or real estate developer can sell high-quality detached houses and villas.

Quality of living conditions

The inhabitants always have a comfortable indoor climate due to the perfect thermal behavior of concrete. No additional protections against noise or fire are necessary because concrete is a very dense and heavy material. Therefore, precast concrete houses have an excellent living comfort without any additional costs.

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