Infrastructure with precast concrete elements

Concrete is able to resist high pressure

Reinforced concrete is especially suited for fields of application with high load exposure on the construction elements. The concrete absorbs the pressure forces, the steel reinforcement absorbs tensile forces.

Hence, reinforced precast concrete elements are suited for the construction of protective walls for highways, which prevent a breakthrough of vehicles, or for sleepers, which have to take up high loads and are much more durable compared to sleepers made of other materials.

No maintenance necessary

The high resistance of concrete against exterior influences, like wind, rain, storm, etc. make precast products durable and maintenance-free.

Precast concrete elements reduce noise

Precast concrete elements are also particularly suited for the construction of noise protection walls because their surface is designed in a way that reduces ambient noises, caused for example by highway traffic or a train, and thus, improves the quality of life of the residents.

Concrete is easy to shape

Apart from the usage of concrete for infrastructure elements, it can also be used for various other application fields.

Concrete is easy to shape, which means that any form can be produced. This flexibility regarding the design is optimally suited for outdoor leisure facilities, such as skate parks, climbing walls, or for fences.

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