Precast concrete: highest precision and quality

Accuracy and failure minimization due to industrial production

The industrial production of precast concrete elements in a factory ensures highest precision and constant quality. Failures at production are minimized due to the high degree of prefabrication and the controlled production process.

Resistance of precast concrete

Modern precast concrete buildings are very resistant to exterior environmental influences. Connections are water- and windproof. This means that no water can get into the building. This is particularly important in winter with temperatures below zero degrees. If water gets in, it could freeze, spread and cause cracks in the building elements.

Flexibility and precision

The architect has several options for designing a wall or facade consisting of precast concrete elements. Depending on the quality of the concrete and the skills of the mold maker, the smallest details and elements can be incorporated.

This means at the same time great flexibility in designing precast concrete buildings and highest precision in producing the building elements in the protected environment of a factory.

Architectural concrete decorated facade facade element

High-quality exposed concrete elements

Example of a decorated facade of exposed concrete, produced by Laing O’Rourke from the United Kingdom. Concrete is versatile and can be produced in highest quality even with small details.

Excellent quality due to certified production

Precast concrete elements are produced under protected and controlled conditions in a plant. The production is therefore independent of weather conditions, which makes construction possible the whole year round and virtually everywhere in the world. This is particularly important in areas with lower temperatures. Construction with traditional building methods would not be possible during those times with low temperatures.

The quality of precast concrete elements is controlled regularly in the plant and therefore a constantly high quality is guaranteed. Precast producers in Germany and Austria get their products tested and certified by quality protection organizations to assure their customers of their excellent quality.

Moreover, you can save money for plastering when using high-quality precast concrete elements. Painting or wallpaper is mostly sufficient.

Error minimization due to preliminary planning, prefabrication and quality control

Errors in production are minimized due to the high degree of prefabrication of precast elements. Even the design of the precast concrete elements is done by CAD (computer-aided design) and is subject to constant controls. Data generated during the design phase are forwarded to the production master computer, which controls and monitors the production process permanently.

Preliminary planning requires many decisions being taken prior to the start of the production of precast concrete elements and possible error sources being detected and eliminated in advance.

Quality controls at the planning and production stages, as well as for the finished building elements ensure a high quality of the finished buildings and great safety with regard to structural behavior and behavior during the useful life.

Detailed facade design made of precast concrete

Detailed facade design made of precast concrete

Some models of facades which the Austrian company Habau produces for their customers. In this photo, one can see how many small details can be incorporated in concrete and how many different surfaces can be created.

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