BIM Workshop for Syspro Members

Digitization Workshop by Christian Prilhofer

In the run-up to the Syspro general meeting, the managing directors met in Antwerp in November 2023 for a digitization workshop. One of the main topics was "BIM in precast concrete plants", presented by Christian Prilhofer/Prilhofer Consulting.

Using BIM correctly as a planning tool in the precast concrete plant

BIM serves as a tool for the planning process and forms the basis for planning, coordination and construction. BIM is based on CAD programs, where buildings are designed or modelled. In this process, a so-called digital twin is created, which is continuously updated. This makes it possible to shift decisions from the construction site to the offices of architects and planners. Authorities would need to mandate digital models for approvals in the future to achieve a complete digitization of the construction industry.

New opportunities for precast concrete plants

The digitization will lead to every building having a digital twin. This offers precast concrete plants new opportunities to influence the planning process from the outset and change the structure of construction.

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